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Slingo Riches

Slingo Riches

Embark on the entertaining online Slingo Riches game that was released in April 2015. It is the first real money online Slingo game and it mixes both elements of bingo and slots in an engaging format.

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Get the chance to win the full house and jackpot for some seriously huge wins. You have 11 spins to win up to £600. The best is yet to come. As you get more Slingos, the value of your cash prizes will increase up to a huge £20,000 jackpot. Start playing Slingo Riches on Moon Bingo to win cash!

How to play Slingo Riches?

This Slingo bingo game is played on a 5x5 grid and there's a single line reel at the bottom. To get started make sure to select the stake of your choice by clicking on the plus and minus icons. The minimum bet is £0.05, and the maximum is £100. Once you’ve selected your stakes, click on the START GAME icon to begin Slingo games. Upon starting, five numbers will be generated at random. Then, your spinning episode will start, and it will continue until your spins come to an end, you activate a bonus, or you run out of your credits.

Features and Benefits

In this fast-paced game, you can win some amazing cash prizes. Yes, you heard it right! To boost your cash prizes, complete the maximum Slingo. Here you'll be given 11 spins to match the numbers on the wheel with those numbers that are located on the grid. To help you in your quest for potential wins, you’ll find various features and special symbols like the following:

JOKER: The joker is a special symbol on Slingo Riches and it will allow you to mark any number on the row above.

DEVILS: The devil symbols, on the other hand, are blocking symbols. Cross your fingers and hope they don’t come into view on the reels.

SUPER JOKER: If you spot a green joker, it’s no other than the super joker. In this Slingo online game, the super jokers will allow players to pick and mark any numbers in the entire grid. The choice is all yours!

Bonus Symbols

During your gaming adventure in this entertaining game, you may experience the free games. When a free game is awarded to you, you will have the chance to play the base game for free on Slingo Riches. And this is done at a predetermined stake value. Once the main game has come to an end, the winnings accumulated by completing the diagonal, vertical, horizontal or other special symbol bonuses will then be presented you. You will then have the option of collecting your winnings or to continue your Slingo online by buying some extra spins. Note that you can buy up to 4 extra spins and the price of the next spin will be displayed on the spin button.

Mobile Experience

How about enjoying your gaming experience on the go? Your wish is our command. You will have the chance to play this entertaining Slingo bingo game via your iOS or Android devices. This mobile-focused game was designed for top gameplay on the device of your choice.

Tips & Strategies

  1. Whenever you get a joker, make sure you carefully mark the numbers in a way that will increase your chance of scoring.
  2. The more you win Slingo, the higher the wins.
  3. The incomplete games are automatically completed 48 hours prior to the launch of the game.