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Slingo Cash Buster

Slingo Cash Buster

Welcome to Slingo Cash Buster! Ready to get the fun times rolling? Spin the reels and collect the coloured blocks for your chance to strike huge wins.

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On this neon themed game, you will get a kick out of your gaming experience. Try to fill a row on the Slingo prize table to win the prize of that row. For some extra chances to win, collect the Cherub or the Devil to unlock bonus games. On this colourful action-packed game, you will be kept on the edge of your seat. The higher your stakes, the bigger the potential wins. Play and use this opportunity to win up to £150,000.

How to play Slingo Cash Buster?

  • Slingo Cash Buster is an easy game to play.
  • Select the stake of your choice by making use of the plus and minus signs.
  • Get started by clicking on Play which is located near the stake amount.
  • Once you’ve selected the ‘Play’ button, the stake will be deducted from your current balance.
  • The Slingo game will start and the colourful blocks with the numbers are randomly positioned on the 5x5 grid.
  • You will receive 6 spins and anytime a block is destroyed new blocks will be added to the above grid.
  • A corresponding slot on the prize table below is then filled.

Stakes & Potential Prizes:

  • £0.50 – Win up to £5000
  • £1 – Win up to £10,000
  • £2 – Win up to £20,000
  • £3 – Win up to £30,000
  • £5 – Win up to £50,000
  • £10 – Win up to £100,000
  • £15 – Win up to £150,000

Features and Benefits

  • Free Spins: On Slingo Cash Buster there’s the possibility of extra spins. This means while playing, additional balls for an extra spin might crop up randomly.

Bonus Symbols

Cherub Bonus: To spin the wheel on this Slingo game, press spin. When the wheel stops on ADVANCE the highlight which is on the prize table will move up one slot. You can spin and advance on the prize table until the wheel rests on COLLECT. The highlighted prize on the table will be awarded. Reach the top of the prize table before you hit COLLECT to enjoy that prize.

Devil Bonus: There are two towers namely Devil’s Tower and Your Tower. Roll the two dice and the difference in numbers is removed from the towers.

  • For example, if Blue dice rolls a 3 and the Red dice rolls a 2, then 1 block is removed from the Devil’s Tower. If the Red dice rolls a 4 and the Blue dice rolls 2, then 2 blocks are removed from your tower. Until one of the towers is completely removed, keep rolling the dice.
  • If your Tower is demolished first, no prize will be awarded to you on this Slingo casino game.
  • If the Devil’s Tower is smashed first, the number of blocks that remain on your Tower will determine your prize.

Mobile Experience

Jump straight into the action and enjoy the entertaining Slingo slot on your mobile devices. This fun-filled game is optimised for iOS and Android devices. Experience interesting gameplay and take this shot at whopping wins.

Tips & Strategies

  1. Note that each Devil Symbol will fill one segment of the Devil Bonus table. Try to collect 3 to unlock the Devil Bonus game.
  2. Click on the icon that has 3 white bars to get a glimpse of the Slingo rules.
  3. Have fun!