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Online UK bingo sites such as Moon Bingo, have become the source of the world's most popular internet games in recent times, with the UK and the USA having the most players and biggest range of games on offer than any other country.

Bingo first originated in the USA and was called 'Beano'. It was played with game cards and beans for daubers and there was a caller, similar to today's game. The game that we play today though is a mixture between this game of Beano and a lottery style game that was first played in Italy, over 500 years ago. The name was first used when an over-excited Beano player accidentally called out 'Bingo' instead of 'Beano', and the rest is history.

Government laws for gaming differ from country to country, so there may be some differences between UK bingo and that which is played in the USA, but essentially, the games remain the same.

Online gaming sites such as Moon Bingo, have become the source of the world's most popular internet games in recent times. The UK and USA have the most players and biggest range of games on offer than any other country, with more players joining up every day.

The two most famous bingo games are 75 ball and 90 ball. These are both played in the UK and occasionally, another variation of 80 ball can be found, but it is not as popular. In the USA however, the 75 ball game is the most popular version and the 90 ball is mostly considered to be the UK bingo game.

The 'American' version is probably the quickest game to play. The card is made up of five horizontal and five vertical rows of numbers. The 75 ball game can be played either as a Coverall, so all numbers on your card must be marked off before the 41st ball is called, or it can be played as Regular or Four Corners. In the Regular game, the first person who makes a straight horizontal, vertical or diagonal line wins. For the Four Corners, the aim of the game is to simply be the first to cover all corners, easy!

The 90 ball bingo version which is considered to be the UK bingo game, takes slightly longer to complete, but is still very easy to play. Each game ticket is made up of three rows and nine columns and there are six tickets to a strip. Within the strip, all the numbers between one and 90 are randomly placed and there are three winners to the 90 ball game.

Winner one is the first person to complete one straight line. The second winner is the next person to complete two lines and then the third person and ultimate winner is the one who marks off their entire card first. The prizes gradually increase as more lines are completed.

Each online bingo ticket has 15 numbers on it, so the first winner must cross off five numbers, the second winner completes two lines by crossing off 10 numbers and then finally a full house is where all 15 numbers have been marked.

There are really three chances for each player to win the 90 ball game, so it gets very exciting for members, especially with a big jackpot on offer. Currently the prize is £10,000,000!

Moon Bingo's revamped site means that you can play multiple cards at once and chat to your friends online during the game, as your card is automatically daubed.

Both the 75 and 90 ball versions can be played at Moon and the cash prizes there are very large. For those who are on a strict budget, there are loads of free offers as well as penny uk bingo, where games cards can be purchased for as little as 1p each!

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