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Blast Off for Cosmic Slingo Bingo Games

Nowadays, enthusiastic players swear by Slingo Bingo games. An authentic casino game that combines the exciting elements of bingo and slots. This one-of-a-kind game stands out from the rest, thanks to its unique blend of thrills and spills and an engaging format. How does that grab your attention? Venture to outer space and play Slingo bingo from our growing games library. Moon Bingo comes with the whole shebang, from the smash hit Slingo Riches to the popular Slingo Rainbow Riches. Discover how to play the game here for a chance of intergalactic wins!

How to Play Slingo Bingo?

Slingo Bingo bursts with simplicity. It has simple gameplay that requires no degree of effort to master. Joking aside, it involves the following steps:

  1. Choose your bets accordingly.
  2. Click on ‘Start Game’ or the ‘Spin’ button.
  3. During the Slingo Bingo game, after each spin, a series of numbers will appear.
  4. If they match the numbers on the grid, they will be crossed off the cards.
  5. If you mark off all the numbers on a whole row, column or diagonal, you get Slingo!
  6. If you complete the whole grid, you’ll enjoy a Full House or Jackpot.

Bonus symbols will boost your chances of winning at Slingo bingo games.

Game Layout

While there are variations, most of these games have a standard layout. The centre of the game screen has a Slingo bingo grid, with the traditional 75-ball layout. Below that grid is just a single Slingo slots reel. On the right of the screen is where you can see how many spins/balls you have left. And on the left of the screen is the pay out table.


You begin the game by setting your bet. Remember, once you set your wager, you can’t change it for the rest of the game.

You then click on the SPIN/START GAME button.

Once you spin the wheel, you get a row of numbers that appear on the Slingo slots reel. You will have 20 seconds to match those numbers to those on the grid and mark them off.

You also get bonus symbols to increase your chances of winning at the game.

You win a Slingo when you complete a row, column or diagonal. And you get a Full House, or Jackpot, when you complete the entire grid.

Symbols and Bonus Rounds

Slingo bingo games can hold their own with several exciting symbols and interesting bonus rounds. The Joker lets players mark off the number of their choice in the row above. Slingo Bingo also comes with Super Jokers with superpowers. It allows players to mark any number from the entire grid. With 3 or more Joker or Super Joker symbols anywhere on a single spin during a Slingo bingo game, you’ll be awarded with a cash prize. You better keep an eye out for the DEVILS icons, since they are blocking symbols. The complimentary spins can reward you with some extra spins, while the golden coins crop up for cash prizes on the Slingo bingo for android.


It’s a wild that marks out any number on the corresponding column.


It acts as a wild and marks off any number on the whole grid.


These golden coins can bring instant wins when these symbols land on the reel.


The devil blocks every single symbol on the grid to stop you from winning.

The Cherub: You get some extra help from the Cherub. The little angel can help you ward off that evil Devil and even double your wins!

Free Spin: You win free spins if this symbol appears on your reel!

Quick Facts About Slingo

The game was originally created by real estate developer Sal Falciglia way back in 1994. However, in 2016, Gaming Realms reinvented Slingo into the wildly popular casino game it has now become.

The average RTP for these games is 95%, which makes them medium variance games.

There are multiple variations of the original game, and together they are called Slingo Originals.

Best Slingo Bingo Sites

The popularity of Slingo bingo games have skyrocketed in the past decade, creating thousands of destinations to play these games online. No need to look further, the best bingo sites to try Slingo bingo are Ted Bingo, Robin Hood Bingo, Loony Bingo. May your Slingo bingo adventure begin!

Slingo Bingo - FAQ

What is Slingo Bingo?

Slingo is a mix of 75-ball bingo and slots online. The game opens on a 5 by 5 grid of numbers, made up of rows and columns. There is a reel found at the bottom of the game.

How does Slingo games work?

Slingo bingo games are a combo of slots and bingo, where you reveal numbers that match those in the grid. You need to keep spinning until you’ve matched all the numbers or until your spins runs out.

How many levels are in Slingo adventure?

Slingo Adventure has simple gameplay that combines Bingo games with the Keno style number matching. There are over 1000 fast paced levels for bigger and better bonuses.

Where to play Slingo Riches?

Slingo Riches is a top slingo bingo game where slots meet bingo. You can give yourself a chance to win a huge jackpot worth up to £20,000

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