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How Mobile Bingo Changed the Bingo Industry

Nowadays if you're a bingo player you might take the convenience of playing on your phone wherever you are for granted. However, life hasn't always been as easy for those of us who love to play bingo. When bingo was starting to explode in popularity throughout the late 20th Century if you fancied a game of bingo either by yourself of with your friends you would have to go down to a physical bingo hall. This may seem a lot of hassle compared to now as not only would you have to spend time on your way to the bingo hall but you would also be limited by the opening hours of that bingo hall. Thankfully towards the 90s, we saw the invention of the internet and it was around the turn of the Millenium that we started to see bingo move online.

The move to mobile

For nearly a decade if you wanted to play online bingo you would need to play either on your desktop or on your laptop. Which was a big step forwards from having to go down to the bingo hall, however it would still limit you having to play wherever and whenever you'd like. Fortunately, you could play bingo 24/7 rather than being limited to the opening hours of the bingo hall. Now, towards the end of the first decade of the Millenium was when we saw the first smartphone come out in the form of the iPhone. From here on it would be a race for bingo sites worldwide to redesign and optimise their website so that people could play bingo on their phones.

The ultimate freedom

It didn't take long for bingo sites to reach the finish line and have their bingo sites available on mobile phones. This latest step in online bingo meant that as a bingo player you had bingo sites at your fingertips and you could play wherever and whenever you wanted. This meant that if someone was on their commute to work and they had a spare 10 minutes they could jump online and play a few mobile bingo games as opposed to having to be sat at their computer or laptop which of course would have required a power outlet.

Some numbers about mobile bingo

  • In a survey conducted amongst bingo players, 41% said that the most important aspect for an online bingo site for them was that it was a mobile bingo site.
  • In 2015, 46% of online bingo players were playing on their smartphone or tablet. This rose to 55% in 2016 and to 67% in 2017 showing an upwards trend.
  • The adoption of bingo apps by both the Play Store and App Store has contributed to this trend.
  • For those who weren't playing mobile bingo but instead on their laptops or at bingo halls stated the main reason was just that the screens were too small.
  • 70% of all bingo players play at home with the majority being on their smartphones/tablets.

What should you look for in a mobile bingo site?

If you've been looking online already you've probably begun to notice that you may be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a mobile bingo site however there are some common factors you should be looking for in your perfect online bingo site to play on your mobile.

Firstly, you're going to want to ensure that their software is optimized for your phone so that you don't have to keep zooming in and out. Next, just like any normal online bingo site, have a lookout for any bonuses and promotions they have. Also, you are going to want to ensure they have adequate security measures in place on their website so when your depositing and withdrawing you're not risking your financial information being seen by prying eyes.

Finally, you'll want to ensure that the bingo site that you're playing on is licensed and regulated. In the UK this would be down to the gambling commission. The reason this is important is that it ensures that the site is acting fairly and is the reputable meaning if you have any questions there will be customer support there to answer your questions and also that they have adequate security measures in place on their website to keep you and the rest of their customers safe.

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