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Why Online Bingo Gives Players More Chances of Winning?

Online Bingo is rapidly becoming the most popular way to play online bingo with there being over three million players in the UK alone playing online bingo every single day. Whether they’re playing on their desktop or through their smartphone on a bingo app, people find online bingo not only convenient but a more entertaining experience. However, it’s not the entertainment side of things we’re going to be looking at today, but rather why online bingo offers the average bingo player much more chances of winning compared to other online casino games.

Bingo Is Simple

  • Players playing online bingo don’t have a learning curve or any skills to learn.
  • Just like the lottery, it is purely a game of chance.
  • This availability and openness to all players mean that, compared to blackjack for example, which requires previous knowledge, anyone can sign up to an online bingo site and play
  • Therefore, providing players with a chance of winning that they didn’t have before
  • Next, you can also boost your chance of winning yourself and that is through buying more tickets.
  • This may be similar to covering more numbers in roulette or insuring your hand in blackjack
  • But still also provides you as the player with more chances of winning.
  • After all, the more cards you have, the wider spread of numbers you have so the higher a chance you have of marking a number at least after each call.

The Figures Don’t Lie

Also, just recent figures suggest that more online bingo players are members of more than one online bingo site. This gives them the chance not only to buy more tickets for multiple online games on a single bingo site but on more than one site.

Potentially you could be playing several games of bingos at the same time. The only thing to bear in mind is that the more games you’re playing, the more money you’re spending per hour on this increased number of games, however, in the end, this could be a worthwhile investment should you end up with a profit.

Tip To Winning

  1. Another way that players have more of a chance of winning in an online bingo is to monitor the number of players that are in a bingo room.
  2. Statistically, the less bingo players that are in a bingo room, the more chance you have of winning.
  3. For example, if there are 20 tickets sold in a bingo game and you have five tickets yourself, you’re giving yourself a 25% chance of winning whereby other players who might only have a single ticket will have just a 5% chance of winning.
  4. The more you play online bingo on a particular site you’ll start to get a feel for what times of the day are peak with the most people online and what times of the day are quietest.
  5. Generally, quiet times on most online bingo sites are during weekdays when people are in work during the day, and it becomes busier in the evenings and on weekends when of your fellow bingo players aren’t in work and have some downtime so they’re able to enjoy a few games of online bingo.

However, this isn’t always the case especially through seasonal holidays such as Christmas when more people than any other time in the year are off work.

Also, you’ll want to focus on how many calls have been made in a game. Studies have proven that the more numbers you have marked off sooner in a game the better your chances of winning, however, as the game goes on, the less chance you have of winning. Simply because in the time you’ve been waiting for your remaining numbers to be called out and not marking any numbers off, other players have had the chance to catch you up.

If you’re looking for the perfect online bingo site with a bustling communities, all different types of bingo games, packed chat rooms, bonuses and promotions to take advantage of as well as live bingo, get yourself signed up Moon Bingo today and boost your chances of winning today whilst at the same time enjoying yourself and having a thoroughly entertaining experience.

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