What You Need To Play Bingo

What you need to play Bingo

Bingo is one of the more simple pastimes in the UK. It’s why generations of player have flocked to bingo halls and continue to do so both online and offline.

The beauty of bingo is that you need very little, and what’s more you can play at home or anytime, anywhere relatively easily.

But what do you need to play bingo?

Check out our guide below so you can start playing bingo in no time at all…

DIY Bingo

If you’re looking to play bingo with friends and family from home, then you really don’t need much to make it work. There are a number of essential items, but you can make it fun and fair in a number of different ways.

Of course, first things first you need some bingo cards and pencils or dabbers for all your players. You’ll find plenty of examples of bingo cards online, while you can create your own, with you simply needing to create a series of grids. For 90-ball bingo you need a 3×9 grid, with five boxes containing numbers on each row. For the 75-ball variant, you’d need a card that’s 5×5.

You then need a device for drawing the numbers. You can essentially be as inventive as you like with this, all that’s required is that the draw is made fairly. It could be balls out of a bingo machine or bag, while you can even write the numbers on pieces of paper and draw them out of a hat or box.

The opportunities are fairly endless with this, the only other thing you need is a dedicated bingo caller and a prize.

DIY Bingo Checklist:

  • Set of Pens
  • Bingo Cards
  • Balls/balls replacements
  • Drawing mechanism

Sign-Up & Play!

Of course, if you’re looking to play bingo without the hassle of setting it up, then there are ample opportunities too, from you simply needing a car or mode of transport to get to your local bingo hall, or a device to play online.

Online bingo is huge with players these days and all you need is a smartphone, tablet or desktop device in order to play.

Here at Moon Bingo we have a variety of bingo games available to play from traditional forms such as 90-ball, to new fun variants including slingo bingo and Swedish Bingo, the former of which certainly couldn’t be played in DIY form.

As well as your device to play, you will also need to provide some bankroll in order to play, alongside creating a bingo account. This can be done by taking the following steps:

  1. Click here to sign up to Moon Bingo
  2. Fill out the registration form with your details
  3. Make a deposit to ensure you have bankroll
  4. Find the game you want to play and start playing!

It’s that simple. Alternatively, if you’d like to explore some of the biggest and best bingo sites elsewhere, head to our Bingo Sites page for all our most tried and trusted friends.

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