What Happens If You Lose Internet Connection Whilst Playing Online Bingo?

Lost internet connection whilst playing online bingo


There’s really nothing worse than the internet going down while you’re in the middle of a game. It’s even worse when you’ve got money riding on it!

It’s one of the things we all fear, losing our connection in the middle of a game of bingo. It could have been that bingo card that won the jackpot, completely changing your life forever. Many of us would consider it just our luck. But there’s really no need to fear at all.

It’s so common for internet connections to drop while a bingo game is in progress, and you really don’t need to worry about missing out. 

Below you’ll find all you need to know about what happens if your internet drops out when playing online bingo…

What Happens If You Lose Internet Connection Whilst Playing Online Bingo?

If you’re playing bingo and your internet connection cuts out, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’d just lost the money you’d spent on a bingo card. However, that really isn’t the case.

Depending on what stage of the game drops out, and by which point you return a number of different things could happen, but they all result in you having just as much chance of winning as had been the case if you’d stayed connected.

In all cases once you’ve reconnected you can resume your participation. That doesn’t mean the game won’t go on without you though.

If you have bought a bingo card and reconnect before the game has started you are able to play with the same bingo cards to play with. If you had dropped off before buying a ticket, you may even be able to claim the same tickets you were due to buy.

The stage many people fear is losing connection during a game. What happens in this instance is that the game will resume without you with the computer effectively playing for you, meaning your bingo cards are marked off. 

This happens in all bingo games here at Moon Bingo from the likes of 90-ball bingo to 75-ball bingo and beyond.

If by the time you return the game has finished, you will be able to view the outcome in your Bet History, with any winnings automatically added to your bankroll.

Will I Lose Any Money If My Internet Disconnects During Online Bingo?

This means that you won’t lose a penny with the game just continuing automatically and you having just as much chance of winning as you would have being present within the game.

This is also the case for the likes of slots and other casino games found on Moon Games, they will continue and finish any round of betting as if you were still there to ensure you don’t miss out on any potential winnings that would have come your way.

The improvement of technology down the years now means you really don’t need to have any concerns about losing money due to a dodgy connection, and it won’t harm your gameplay in the slightest.

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