World Health Day: Three Ways to Celebrate

World Health Day

World Health Day takes place on April 7, and it’s fair to say if there’s ever been a year in which we value our health more than ever, it’s this one.

As vaccinations are rolled out across the UK, there are many things us Brits can do to both celebrate and raise awareness for World Health Day. The day itself was created by the World Health Organisation and has grown rapidly over more recent years in a bid to highlight and promote world health.

This year it offers a great opportunity for people to recognise the importance of health, and also do something that will indeed contribute to a healthy lifestyle for yourself.

Below you’ll find our top activities to celebrate World Health Day 2021…

Be Thankful

It’s fair to say we’re all thankful to the NHS at present for the wonderful yet relentless work they’ve been doing over the past 12 months, so why not tell them?

There are many ways in which you can say thank you to those working on the frontline, whether that be giving the people you know working in healthcare a call to say thanks, or sending flowers, cards, and other gifts to local hospitals or the people you love working for the NHS. It’s a small gesture, but one that can really make somebody’s day.

Practice Healthy Eating on World Health Day

While celebrations will often involve ordering pizzas or generally getting stuck into party food, for World Health Day, it’s all about taking a different approach. There are plenty of celebratory things you can add to a menu that are completely healthy, and the YouTube video above shows a selection that is well worth cooking up to practice healthy eating.

Also, consider whether you can improve your diet and reflect on the changes you could potentially make over both the short term and long term to ensure you live as healthy a life as possible.

Go Hiking

While playing the likes of 90-ball and slingo bingo has been high on the priority list for people over the last year, walking has also been a hobby for many of us in recent times. There are tons of great walks across Britain, so you’ll never be far from a great hike. As Spring approaches and we can all start to get out more and enjoy rain-free walks, World Health Day offers the perfect opportunity to go on a mini-adventure.

The likes of Devon, Cornwall, and many parts of Wales have been big hits with walkers, while there are National Trust sites dotted right across the UK. According to Conde Nast, they recently revealed these 10 spots as the best National Trust sites to explore in the UK:

  1. St Agnes Head, Cornwall
  2. Cragside, Northumberland
  3. Culzean Castle and Country Park, Scotland
  4. Carneddau and Glyderau, Wales
  5. Hill Top, Cumbria
  6. Blickling Estate, Norfolk
  7. Mount Stewart, Northern Ireland
  8. Greenway, Devon
  9. Chartwell, Kent
  10. Keates Quarry, Dorset
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