National Puzzle Day is More Fun with Moon Bingo!

Puzzle Day

With the advent of digital entertainment and mobile technology, you might think that the common puzzle may be falling by the wayside. Not at all bingo fans, National Puzzle Day is your perfect chance to go back to basics; do a jigsaw puzzle, solve a crossword puzzle, or buy a Rubik’s Cube! At Moon Bingo, you will also realise that we are not all about Bingo and its variants, we also have a thing for slot games and encourage players to get into a whole range of fun social activities for stress relief and entertainment. Puzzle games is one of these and with National Puzzle Day just gone, let’s look at the latest trend and what’s fun to play alongside your favourite bingo or casino titles.

Traditional Puzzle Games to Try Out on This Day!

Some Puzzle games seems to be timeless, and everyone might well have a version of it stuck in a corner of the room or forgotten in an old drawer. Here is our list of games that we really think you should get out and play on National Puzzle Day:

Rubik Cube

No matter what we all have a Rubik Cube hidden in some dark corner of our room. You might not know, but it is a 3-D combination puzzle invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik. On 29.01.2022 you’d want to get it out and worry not, we have this useful tutorial to help you get over the challenge and have great fun:


When talking about puzzles, we surely cannot miss the good old jigsaw! It might be useful to know that it was John Spilsbury who is believed to have produced the first jigsaw puzzle around 1760, using a marquetry saw. How does your favourite look like? Send us some images of your completed works in the comment section! Did you know that matchsticks could also make great brainteasers? Here is how:

How About Some Puzzle Games on Mobile or Tablet?

Mobile games have gained in popularity and these days, we all have a favourite game installed on our smartphone or tablet. Apart from the convenience that it brings, this form of entertainment also come with great graphics. Overall quality has evolved rapidly to deliver top-notch gaming on the go. Just like this online bingo site, a wide variety of puzzle games have also made their way on mobile, from traditional to the most advanced ones. Here are some of the best that you can now find on the iOS App Store or Android Play Store:

Others that we would like to mention include:

  • Monument Valley,
  • The Last Campfire,
  • Room 4 – Old Sins,
  • Candy Crush Saga &
  • About Love & Hate 2.

Puzzle Games are Also on PC and Consoles, Look Out!

Topping our list for PC and consoles this year is a puzzle game with amazing graphics and a psychological twist. It’s called Broken Pieces and it’s a game from Elseware Experience and it will soon be available on Steam.

Another title that you would like to keep an eye for is Hazel Sky. The latter is a heartfelt adventure about a young engineer facing his destiny and his desires. Coffee Addict Studio is the developer.

Next is Microman, another one that will also come with great graphics and a good dose of adventure. Glob Games Studio are those working on this game, and we puzzle fans all have it on our wish list for the season.

Check all the above and many others to come here:

2022 is Set to Be a Great Year for Puzzle Gaming, Join the Party!

By now, you must have realised that you will not be short of choice as you plan for National Puzzle Game Day. Apart from what you’d easily find in stores, many new releases are scheduled for the months to come. Also check the updated listing on your favourite bingo site for the latest in terms of casino and bingo games. We have your entertainment at heart on Moon Bingo!

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