National Hobby Month Is Here & It’s Time to Have Fun!

Hobby Month is for hobbies

Yes guys, as you spend time here, you’ll realise that we always have an excuse to have fun on Moon Bingo! We simply love our online casino games, but that during National Hobby Month, we are also up to promote a wider variety of hobbies or pastimes. May it be console or mobile gaming, board games, fishing, hiking, gardening, pet care, swimming, or any other activity that you have great fun doing, it’s the perfect time to get serious about it! Apart from your favourite slot games on the online casino site, think about investing some of your precious time into any other hobby. It’s proven, this will not only benefit you mentally, but if you are indulging in it all with your friends and family, you will all be up for some unforgettable time. Let’s see what you can all do together!

Mobile Games are a great pastime, play online with your pals!

The technology is right here guys and since you all have a smartphone or a tablet, you can all get online on your tactile device and play a variety of mobile games! There is now a large choice on both the App Store and Play Store and even if the most exciting ones come with a cost, there are also several free-to-play games. Some examples of super cool games that you can play with all your friends include:

  • Spaceteam
  • Words With Friends 2
  • Vainglory
  • Teamfight Tactics
  • Minecraft
  • Hearthstone
  • Pokémon Go or
  • PUBG Mobile

While some of the above will require you all to be in the same space, others will require you to get up and move around in your environment or even collaborate with your teammates for an even more delirious time. Ready for a hobby you will have tons of fun with? Some more games here:

How about some more traditional or forgotten hobbies?

With modern technology and facilities now within easy reach, we can easily forget our more traditional hobbies. However, let’s try and get back to some old-time favourites, those we most enjoyed when smartphones, tablets, televisions, consoles, and all other recent tech were yet to take our time.


Back in the days, both kids and adults used to collect all sorts of things. From rubber erasers, packaging to stamps or stickers, people used to have great fun collecting, comparing, and sharing their precious finds among themselves. Collecting is seeking, locating, acquiring, organizing, cataloguing, displaying, and storing antiques, and other valuable or rare items that people might come across. Have you ever been into such a hobby? Here is a video for an idea on how to start:


Cooking is the preparation of foods in a manner to create a dish from different food combinations. It is a great way to learn different cultural dishes as well. For some this hobby is a passion and they can spend hours in the kitchen, preparing all sorts of delicious dishes for the family. The key is to learn to cook a variety of recipes while ensuring that the ingredients is always right for a perfect tasting dish. Start with the basics and here’s some essential tips from Chef Gordon Ramsay:


Gardening is the care and maintenance of flowers and plants in a row of tilled soil around a home or in a plant pot. This old pastime is vast, and it includes the knowledge of plants, soil, diseases, and the different techniques used to care and treat. Gardening can be very soothing, and it’s known to have both immediate and long-term effects on mental health. Just gardening for few hours provides instantaneous reductions in depression and anxiety symptoms, while gardening daily is associated with reduced stress and increased life satisfaction. To boot, it’s a hobby that can save the world! Here’s how:

National Hobby Month: Your wellbeing is a must

Throughout National Hobby Month, you may want to keep up with your favourite online slot games, but as suggested, also try and practice a variety of other fun pastimes. Think about your wellbeing above all about things that you really enjoy doing and would easily fit into your daily routines. Hobbies

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