National Cream Tea Day: Put The Kettle On And Celebrate In Style

National Cream Tea Day

You may not be aware, but the last Friday of June is a day that every Brit should get on board with, National Cream Tea Day. It’s a day when one of the Great British traditions can be enjoyed to the maximum, with an extra dollop of cream and a scone of pure splendour. 

Afternoon tea has enjoyed a real resurgence in the last few years, and more people than ever this year will be enjoying the day at cafes, restaurants, hotels, and at home with friends and family.

Where Did Afternoon Tea Come From?

While we all enjoy a brew while playing bingo games, whether playing via mobile on the way to work or sitting at home, the history of cream tea actually goes back way beyond the invention of our favourite game. In fact, you can trace it all the way back to the 10th century. It’s believed that the Monks living in Tavistock in Devon were big fans of serving bread with clotted cream and strawberries, all washed down with a cup of tea. 

However, it became a much more traditional affair much later, when Anna Russell, the seventh Duchess of Bedford began to order bread and butter with a cup of tea to fill a hole at around 4pm in the afternoon. Not long after, the Duchess began to invite friends for the affair and thus the afternoon tea we all know and love was invented.

Facts About Cream Tea

The afternoon tea is enjoyed by friends and family up and down the UK these days, but it’s fair to say not all of us are hugely clued up on it, when actually there are some real intricacies to it…

It’s Different in Devon and Cornwall

Did you know that cream tea can actually differ across different counties. In Devon it is indeed different to Cornwall with just a slight distinction between the two. And when you hear it you’ll certainly side with one or the other. It actually comes in the order strawberry and cream are applied to the scone.

In Cornwall, the strawberry jam is applied to the scone first, before a hefty lump of clotted cream on the top. However, in Devon, you’ll find the cream on the scone first, with strawberry added to the top. 

No Little Pinkie

When it comes to drinking tea, and indeed drinking in general, it’s fair to say sticking the little finger out is associated with good manners. This is actually a myth though. According to experts, outstretching the little finger is considered a big faux pas and is considered rude. 

How To Celebrate National Cream Tea Day

When it comes to celebrating National Cream Tea Day, there’s only one thing you should be doing – enjoying an afternoon tea. Whether you’re heading out into your local town or city to enjoy some fine afternoon tea dining, or simply brewing up at home, make sure you take a moment to appreciate all the joys it offers. After all, Britain practically lives off cups of tea and sandwiches…

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