May the fourth be with you: Celebrate Star Wars Day With Our Five Favourite Scenes

Star Wars - Moon Bingo

The 4th of May may be just an average day to many, but for those fans of Star Wars, it’s like Christmas all over again. It’s a chance to put the bingo and slots on hold, load the Disney Plus and binge back to back screenings of one of the most iconic movie franchises of all time.

Yes, May the fourth be with you! And to celebrate we’re running down our four favourite scenes from Star Wars history…

Cantina Scene: A New Hope

We’ve been to a few bingo halls like this. Yes, the cantina scene may be weird and wonderful, but you can’t help but associate it with some of the strange halls and pubs you can encounter in the UK too.

The cantina scene is an incredible scene that offers humour, tension, and really paints a picture of the world we’re living in in this movie. It’s also the first time we meet Han Solo and Chewbacca, with Luke Skywalker visiting the down-and-out boozer in search of them. 

Luke Skywalker v Darth Vader

This scene is perhaps the most iconic in Star Wars history and nobody with any interest in movies is unaware of the “I am your father” moment. It changed the franchise forever and left millions of fans hooked.

It was a hugely dramatic ending to the movie as Luke goes in search of revenge, with the hero believing that Vader has betrayed his father, killed his mentor, and has been torturing his friends. However, the bombshell is dropped and it would change the course of Star Wars forever.

The Battle of Yavin

The first ever Star Wars movie ended with this high stakes, high adrenaline scene, with A New Hope essentially recreating a dramatic car chase, but in space. Skywalker and his team look to take down the Death Star, and it includes plenty of jeopardy as Skywalker ends up alone in order to save the rebellion. It will take one shot, but does he have what it takes? 

It was the scene that really set the tone for the franchise and almost felt like a bit of a throwback to old war movies, but it was one, combined with the unforgettable soundtrack, that would go down in history.

“I Know”

Love was in the air for Han Solo and Princess Leia, and this is their final interaction in The Empire Strikes Back before Han is frozen in carbonite. It’s one of the emotional scenes in the first trilogy and showed that the franchise really does have everything. 

With Leia believing that she may never see Han again, she finally admits that she loves him. But in true, cool, Han Solo fashion, he simply replies, “I know”. Iconic. Many consider this their favourite scenes, and it really did make Han and Leia one of the coolest couples to ever grace the silver screen.

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