20 Years of The Office: Celebrating With The Best Office Games

The Office

Incredibly, this July The Office will celebrate its 20th anniversary. It’s a show that, while only lasting a couple of series, has gone down in history as one of the greatest sitcoms of all time, launching the careers of the likes of Ricky Gervais, Mackenzie Crook, and Martin Freeman.

The show was jam-packed with awkward laughs which we all associate with our strange boss or office hijinks, and as we start to work our way back into offices across the UK, we celebrate this great sitcom with the very best office games to play.

Office Bingo

Of course, we’re going to kick off with bingo. Many of our players enjoy bingo on mobile on the way to work, and playing in the office during the likes of Christmas parties is very much a staple. 

While this doesn’t mean logging on to a bingo site, it does mean either playing a traditional game of 90-ball or 75-ball in the office, or DIY bingo cards, which include fun things associated with the office, business, and colleagues.

Office Dance-Off

If you really want to take some inspiration from The Office, then you can’t go wrong with a dance off. While it’s certainly not for everyone, making a fool of yourself is always a good team-building exercise, and you occasionally may come across a hidden talent too. Perhaps Geoff is a secret break-dancer, or Tina really does love to tango. 

A good way to do it is by either having one track in which people have to hit the dance floor for a 10-15 second period, or alternatively, allow people to choose their own tracks and produce full routines. 

Office Quiz

We all love a pub quiz, and office quizzes are a fun way of getting everyone together, as well as giving plenty of prizes out. The quizmaster can shape a quiz however they like, with various themes, including based upon the office and people within it. 

It’s important, however, to cater for everyone so consider everyone’s hobbies and interests and throw in some questions for them. There’s nothing worse than a quiz where you know no answers. Splitting people into teams is always a good option, particularly in a large office where people don’t get to speak to everyone every day. It’s a good team bonding exercise and a useful way to integrate various teams together.

Office Olympics

Given it’s an Olympic year, why not create your very own office Olympics. It’s a great opportunity to be inventive, even if you don’t have a lot of space. You can simply use the equipment you’ve got and create some incredibly competitive games, from simple things like throwing paper into a waste paper bin to speed typing, drawing, pin the tail on the donkey, and many, many more.

It’s a case of simply using what you’ve got, ensuring the game is safe, and you have your very own office decathlon or heptathlon.

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