Slots or Bingo: Which Games Offer The Most Fun?

Slots or Bingo?

Looking for a new type of game to play? Then why not consider online slots or bingo? Both are extremely popular these days, with millions of players enjoying both here at Moon Bingo.

We pride ourselves on having a great range of both slot games and bingo games, but which one is more fun to play?

Below we’ve detailed exactly what makes slots and bingo so entertaining, and which exactly you should be playing…

What Makes Slots So Fun?

Online slots have long been a popular pastime, with the one armed bandit dating back to the late 1800s.

They arrived online in the late 1990s and over the last decade have really thrived with some truly iconic titles.

One of the great things that makes online slots so fun is the themes around them, something which very few bingo games have.

You’ll find all manner of themed slots from games based on Cleopatra to the Viking era, dinosaurs, sport, mythology and even Hollywood movies.

What’s more, they’re jam packed with bonus games and free spins which can boost your chances of winning. Progressive slots are also among the online games which offer some of the biggest wins in the industry, which is certainly not to be sniffed at!

They are simple to play and most have low minimum deposits and high maximums so players of all bankrolls can enjoy the fun.

What Makes Bingo So Fun?

Bingo’s simplicity also makes it fun for all and in Britain it has been entertaining folks for generations.

The random nature of the game really offers a thrill. Each ball drawn is as likely as the next and that’s only getting more tense and more exciting as new variations land.

While the traditional forms such as 90-ball and 75-ball have been enjoyed by many down the years, the likes of Swedish Bingo and 52-ball are also now offering something a little bit different which is keeping fans playing, and introducing new ones to bingo too.

What really adds an extra dimension to online bingo though is the interaction with other players. Our chat rooms are full of fun games and offer a real sense of community, something which slots doesn’t have as ultimately, it is you versus the machine.

Slots v Bingo: Which Comes Out On Top?

There are actually many fun elements to both online slots and online bingo. Both have the tension that builds like few other games, with every spin and every draw done so at random, and no influence from the player.

Aspects of them do differ, however. If you’re looking for bonus games or a more solitary gaming experience that offers thrills, then slots are more likely to be for you.

If you want to go head-to-head with other players and engage with them, then bingo will offer the social experience you’re looking for.

Either way, there’s plenty for you here at Moon Bingo. Head to our online slots or bingo games page to find the perfect game for you to get started with.

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