Responsible gaming

Responsible Gaming: The Dos and Don’ts

Gambling is hugely popular these days with the likes of bingo and online slots incredibly fun. But of course, while it’s great to enjoy such games, it’s also integral to be responsible.

Here at Moon Bingo we encourage all our players to be responsible in their gameplay and there are plenty of dos and don’ts you should take into account.

Below you’ll find our dos and don’ts when it comes to being responsible when you play any of our games…

Responsible Gaming: The Do’s

Acknowledging the Risk

One of the most important things you can do is acknowledge the risks of online gaming, whether that be slots, bingo, casino games or indeed sports betting.

While they are fun to play, the fact of the matter is you won’t win every time and it is important to keep that in mind.

Budget Your Bankroll

Most importantly you should budget your bankroll. Managing your bankroll is the single most important thing you can do.

Separate your bankroll from your other finances and have a separate pot for gaming money that won’t affect paying the likes of bills, rent and mortgages or living.

Set aside bankroll and stick to it, whether that be a daily, weekly or monthly budget. If you lose that, stop playing until it resets.

Protect Yourself

Being responsible also means playing with established and respectable bingo and casino sites.

Here at Moon Bingo we are fully regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and all the sites we recommend are too, as well as being fully reviewed by us.

Responsible Gambling: The Don’ts

Chase Losses

As we mentioned earlier, it’s important you stick to your bankroll and that means don’t go chasing losses.

Chasing losses in order to break even or end in profit is a recipe for disaster and can often lead to further losses and financial problems. Ensure you know when to call it a day and stick to that.

Play in the Wrong Mood

The mood you are in can prove to be a decisive factor in how successful you are. It’s scientifically proven that when we are feeling low or have anxiety, our decisions are impaired, which can severely affect your gaming.

You’re more likely to lose in some casino games when you are in such a mood, while you are also more likely to chase losses. If you’re feeling low or not in the right frame of mind, focus on yourself rather than any pastimes that could potentially lose you money.

Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs

Many people around the country, and indeed world, do have a gambling problem. If you are suffering, ensure you recognise the signs and do not ignore them.

Among the most common signs include:

  • Preoccupation with gaming/gambling
  • Regularly increasing wagers to feel fulfilled
  • Using gaming/gambling to escape problems
  • Regularly chasing losses
  • Hiding your gambling from loved ones
  • Seeking alternative ways to finance gambling
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