The Olympics Might Soon Be Part of Bingo’s Long History!

Bingo For The Olympics

From its humble beginning in the 16th century to its advent on mobile devices and with online bingo, it’s clear that bingo has passed the test of time for a firm position within British tradition. These days, people from all backgrounds, age and even race have made this form of entertainment their pastimes and those who regularly have a go at it would confirm that bingo does involve a good dose of skill. Oympics bingo

Indeed, playing this game to win is not that easy, it requires concentration, speed, good hearing, and reflexes can also help while one is rushing to mark the numbers as they are quickly getting called. Considering all this, debates have been on regarding the possibility of bingo becoming an Olympic sport! Yes fans, this might sound unreal, but it’s indeed something that Mecca Bingo is really working on, and we’d like to dig deeper to see if this might soon happen! Olympics Bingo

Can Bingo Actually Make it to The Olympics?

It’s indeed a question that you must all be asking yourselves and to be frank, we are also wondering how this could finally become a reality! With all the efforts that Mecca Bingo and all other stakeholders are putting in, will we be able to see bingo as a sport that will be played in the next Olympic Games? Well, from what we can gather for time being, the chances are indeed there! It’s possible to make an official application to the International Olympic Committee, who is the governing body of the Olympic movement. The process, however, is not all that simple and it will take some patience to finally get to the end of it all.

These days, much scrutiny is on the specifications that come with the title of ‘recognised sport’ and a variety of debates are on to devise the norms. Winning at such a debate will eventually means a win for bingo and an entry ticket to the Olympics.

Another point that is also playing the favour of bingo, is that the Olympic Games are meant to be open to amateur performers rather than elites. And as you might be aware, there is no such thing as a certified professional bingo player.

Playing Bingo Involves a Whole Bunch of Skills!

Yes guys, those who actively play Bingo would confirm that various skills are needed to be successful at bingo. With the advent of mobile technology, connectivity and reliable online casino and bingo sites, the game has also managed to capture a younger audience, one who also come with a whole set of playing skills.

We in fact do have strategy involved when playing bingo and it’s known as dabbing. It involves skills to help players in their race to win. Check it out here:

To win at bingo, one might also thing about honing a few skills: speed, hearing, vision, reflexes, and concentration. Practice is the best way to get better and may it be online or at the bingo halls, it’s never too late to get started. Remember that on Moon Bingo, you can start playing on your mobile, tablet or desktop within a few clicks! Oympics bingo

When can we see bingo at the Olympics?

The UK’s favourite pastime could not make it to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but diehard fans and the company behind the lobby is not giving up yet. With the present campaign still on good tracks and having gathered supporters both locally and from across the globe, it wouldn’t be surprising to see bingo at the 2024 Paris Olympics. Various activities are already on the list and if something as surprising as bell ringing could make it on, why not bingo? In the meantime, let’s keep vetting for and the vibes positive! Oympics bingo

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