Mobile Bingo vs Desktop Bingo: Your Guide to the Two Platforms

Mobile Bingo vs desktop Bingo

Online bingo is so easy to play these days, whether you’re chilling out in front of the TV with your laptop or sat on your commute to work having a few rounds on the train. The opportunities are endless.

But what are the differences between playing mobile bingo and playing via your desktop device?

Well, below you’ll discover exactly that, alongside the benefits of each platform to decide which is the best for you.

Desktop Online Bingo

Online bingo all began with the desktop and for a long period of time it was the preferred platform for many.

Here at Moon Bingo you can play a wealth of bingo games via your desktop browser and we continue to have a thriving community playing this way.

Many prefer playing via desktop purely for the size of the screen. You can see all what’s going on much more clearly and have a keyboard and mouse to navigate in a much simpler way.

Generally, the machines are much more powerful too so can handle online slots at Moon Bingo and video much more easily compared to some mobile devices.

You’ll find a full range of games and many of the older games available on the site were predominantly built for desktop play, ensuring you enjoy maximum gameplay.

Mobile Online Bingo

In comparison, the benefits of mobile bingo are ever growing and more and more players are now beginning to use the platform.

For the most part, online bingo sites seamlessly transition their desktop offering into mobile. Here at Moon Bingo we certainly do, with all the same games and all the same quality.

The key differences are in how they are packaged, with buttons and features reconfigured to suit a handheld device, and buttons within a thumb’s reach.

Of course the biggest difference of all is the ability to play anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re playing with tablet or a smartphone, you can either play mobile bingo via your browser or via a bingo app.

Our Moon Bingo app has all the same features and allows you to load bingo games in just a few taps, whereas it takes a little longer to get there via desktop.

Should I Play Mobile Or Desktop Bingo?

Ultimately there isn’t much difference between mobile bingo and desktop bingo here at Moon Bingo, with the same high quality play across both.

The key factor in your decision should come more down to where you want to play and for how long you wish to do so.

For lengthier sessions, desktop will more likely come out on top. Firstly, you don’t necessarily have to worry about running low on battery, while you also get a bigger screen and less cluttered layout to make the most of chat facilities too.

However, if you want to play on the go or are more looking for a quick game, then you may prefer to play via mobile, with the option to pull out your phone at any time, load up the app and start playing.

Of course, many of our customers make the best of both worlds and enjoy Moon Bingo via app and really make the most of their online bingo playing.

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