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The Difference Between Online Bingo and Live Bingo

Online bingo is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to play bingo. Over 3.5 million in the UK alone play each week. Before the invention of the internet the only place where you could play bingo was down in the bingo halls.

An example online bingo site is Moon Bingo who offers also a bingo app to their players. Besides many bingo games, Moon Bingo provides a bustling community so it is perfect for bingo players who want both an immersive and entertaining experience conjoined with getting value for money and even meeting other new players along the way.

Experience Live Bingo

So.. if you want to experience online bingo and all of the perks that go with it you can get yourself signed up to moon bingo in just minutes. There are also ongoing promotions and bonuses for players to take advantage of as well as a wide range of different types of bingo including the most common 75-ball and 90-ball types of bingo and don’t forget the many slot games it offers. Online bingo sites gives you the comfort of playing from your own home on your desktop or laptop you can also play on the move using your smartphone. You may have seen the term ‘live bingo’ and assumed that every game of bingo is live, after all, you can’t have a game of bingo that has already been decided. However, live bingo and online bingo are two different things and knowing the difference between the two is key:

  • Both are essentially played ‘live’ in real-time however we are going to be looking at the main and only difference between the two.
  • When you hear ‘live bingo’ referred to in terms of online bingo it refers to a game of online bingo whereby an actual person will be reading the numbers out.
  • Online bingo as opposed to live bingo will be a game of bingo played in real-time without the presence of an actual person.

What is the big convenience?

A game of bingo is a game of bingo. However, live bingo became very popular. This is mainly because not only does it provide the convenience of being able to play bingo wherever and whenever, but it also merges the experience of playing in a bingo hall sharing the same mutual feature of having a human presenter. This is the only difference between the two however it’s a lot more common than you think for bingo players to assume that both are the same thing without looking into it deeper. This provides a sense of nostalgia for those online bingo players who used to and still go to bingo halls.

What Live Bingo Provides?

Live bingo also provides an extra layer of authenticity and brings the game to life. Also provides the bingo player with a more immersive and entertaining experience. This is especially important in bingo as the vast majority of players play bingo solely for the entertainment aspect. Recent surveys carried out suggest that 95% of players who play bingo purely for the entertainment aspect and to socialise rather than to win. Therefore it makes sense that live bingo is a very popular form of online bingo and why it is offered by many different bingo sites. That’s why these players who are purely wanting entertainment and to socialise will opt to play live bingo. Live bingo, however, is not offered by all bingo sites whereas online bingo is offered on all sites. Live bingo is rarer to see as not all online casinos have physical premises and the facilities whereby they can have someone there trained and ready to live stream bingo games. This also comes at an added cost to the bingo provider and where money means survival some bingo sites simply avoid offering this feature. Hopefully reading this today has provided you with a bit more insight into the world of online bingo and live bingo and how the two are different!