Is Online Bingo Legal?

Is bingo legal in the UK?

When it comes to gambling there are many blurred lines worldwide, with different countries having different laws, different legal ages and different ways they regulate.

Which can often lead people to wondering what the actual laws are here in the UK. Fortunately, gambling in the UK is fairly straightforward and in truth is pretty black and white…

Is Online Bingo Legal In The UK?

Online bingo in the UK is legal and the country has one of the best set-ups when it comes to playing, with all sites operating in the country required to be fully licensed and regulated.

This is done by the UK Gambling Commission and all bingo sites operating in the country should have a licence from them. You should always search for a bingo site’s status with the UK Gambling Commission before playing with them.

Here at Moon Bingo we are fully licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission and follow all the correct protocols and procedures to ensure our players are safe and secure while playing our bingo games.

Bingo Sites Code of Practice

In order to operate legally within the UK, bingo sites, and all other forms of gambling, including casino sites, must abide with the codes of practice issued under section 24 of the Gambling Act 2005.

This means that if they are to be licensed by the Commission they must: 

  • Conduct their gambling games in a fair and open way
  • Not exploit any underage or vulnerable people 
  • Have assistance readily available for anyone who may have problems related to gambling

Bingo sites must also protect customer fonts and segregate them from company funds as common practice in accordance with the UK Gambling Commission. 

There are also many other codes of practice and things bingo sites must deliver when it comes to operating, including using approved random number generators, offer excellent customer support and much more. 

Can I Play Online Bingo Legally?

Of course, it isn’t just enough for a bingo site to be operating legally within the UK, players must also be legally allowed to play.

The legal gambling age in the United Kingdom is 18, with all players required to be of age or over in order to play. Players must be able to prove their age with official documentation and it is a criminal offence to gamble underage in the country.

Additionally, all account holders must verify their identity to ensure payment methods are their own, while players outside the UK could also see their account suspended. You are also not permitted to allow any third party to use your betting account. Not abiding by this could lead to suspension of your account.

You can find full terms and conditions for playing legally with Moon Bingo here.

However, adhere to all these and there’s no reason why you can’t legally enjoy bingo in the UK. It’s one of the safest countries to play online thanks to the brilliant work both the UK Gambling Commission and those bingo sites licenced with them do, and long may that continue.

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