Is Bingo Gambling? All You Need To Know



Bingo is one of the most popular games on the planet, but when it comes to gambling many don’t really associate it with the more traditional form such as slots, poker or sports betting.

When we think of gambling we think of the games we’d find in a casino or placing a bet on the horses, not marking off a bingo card for a bit of fun. But is bingo gambling?

Below you’ll find all you need to know about whether bingo is gambling and who exactly can play the game…

Is Bingo Gambling?

While bingo may seem very different to those games mentioned above, bingo is gambling. 

Playing here at Moon Bingo is most certainly considered gambling. It’s a question of “if” really. Ultimately, in any game if a game of chance is being bet on for real money, it is classed as gambling. Therefore, buying a bingo card for a game of 90-ball bingo would be classed as gambling as you are purchasing a card to play and essentially betting that this card will win.

However, playing at home, for example, simply for fun with no money staked isn’t gambling as there is no betting real money involved.

The key denominator in this is playing for real money, and even playing for free at bingo sites is still classed as gambling.

Because playing bingo for real money is classed as gambling, it is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and players are required of legal gambling age in the country.

The minimum age of players allowed to gamble in the UK is 18, both online or live and here at Moon Bingo we do stringent checks to ensure all our players are of legal age. This will involve submitting documentation to ensure this is the case.

Additionally, players enjoying Moon Bingo must also be residents of the UK and geo blocking mechanisms are in place to ensure those restrictions are met. 

Therefore, if you are over the age of 18 and based in the United Kingdom, then you are able to play online bingo at Moon Bingo.

Is Playing Bingo At Home Gambling?

If you are playing bingo at home with friends and family for no money, then this isn’t considered gambling and you can enjoy it as you wish. There are many ways in which you can play bingo from home, with plenty of DIY games possible, from drawing balls out of a bag, to pulling pieces of paper out of a hat.

We have an excellent DIY bingo guide on our blog, which tells you all you need to know about setting up a bingo game from home. It includes information on what you need and the best ways to go about setting up a game.

Click here to head to the guide and get your home bingo game started, without the need to gamble.

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