How To Calculate Bingo Odds & Probabilities

Best Odds to Play Bingo

When it comes to calculating odds and the chances of winning at gambling games, it can often be a daunting prospect. We tend to associate this activity with trying to figure out hands in poker or blackjack. But when it comes to bingo, it really couldn’t be simpler.

Yes, do not be afraid when it comes to calculating bingo odds and probabilities, it’s a simple process that doesn’t require you to be a bingo expert to figure out.

Here at Moon Bingo we’ve created this handy guide to help you calculate your odds on bingo and how to improve those odds. Take a glance below and start getting to understand what your chance of winning actually is…

How To Calculate Bingo Odds

Whether you’re playing 90-ball bingo or any other bingo game, the way of calculating the probability of you winning is exactly the same.

In order to calculate the odds you have on winning you need two numbers. These are:

  • The number of cards you have active in the game
  • The number of total active cards in the game

From there you can then work out the proportion of cards you have in the game and therefore the chance you have of winning. For example, if you were to have five cards active in a game with 100 cards active across all players, you would do the following sum:

5/100 = 0.05 * 100

This would calculate the percentage chance you have of winning and therefore in this instance your chance of winning the game would be 5%.

If you were to have 10 cards active in a game which had 50 active cards, your chance of winning would be significantly higher as:

10/50 = 0.2 * 100

Therefore in this instance, the chance of winning you would have would be 20%.

How To Improve Your Odds Of Winning In Online Bingo

If you would like to increase your chance of winning an online bingo game, then this is a relatively simple concept too.

There are a number of ways you can do this, and it’s essentially just ensuring you have a higher proportion of cards within the game.

Buy More Cards

One method of doing this is by buying more bingo cards for the game you’re playing and therefore increasing the number of cards you have in a game.

For example, if you were to have five cards in a 50 card game, you may increase that to 10 cards in a 55 card game.

This would increase your chance of winning from 10% to 18%. There may be caps in place on the number of cards you can buy or the total number of cards allowed in a game so do also be aware of this.

Find Quieter Bingo Rooms

Another way you can improve your odds is to play in a room with less people. Many more advanced bingo players will avoid the busier times in order to increase the chance of winning. Avoiding evenings and weekends are normally a good way to do this.

The early hours of the morning or daytimes are usually much quieter and you will find less players enjoying bingo, and therefore naturally increasing the percentage chance of you winning. For example, rather than 5 cards in a full room of 100 cards, you may find the room only has 25 people in.

Of course, you can also combine this with buying more bingo cards in order to optimize your chance of winning even more.

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