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How Do You Know if an Online Bingo Site is Licensed?

The importance of playing on a licensed bingo site

With the invention of the internet, we have seen the number of online bingo sites grow exponentially. And whilst most of these are licensed and regulated giving players a fair chance of winning. There is a handful, that are unlicensed and have a bias towards their own profits rather than providing a fair playing experience.

If you find yourself having played on an unlicensed bingo you may not notice at first that there is a bias towards the bingo as they may let you win occasionally early on to deceive you before later applying the bias.

How you can tell if the bingo you're playing at is licensed

Thankfully, you'll be glad to know that there are signs you can look for to prove that the online bingo you're playing at is regulated and licensed. It is once you've established this that you can rest assured that you're playing and enjoying on a licensed bingo site. Here are some of the signs you're going to want to be looking for:

  • They'll have responsible gambling measures in place. The online bingo should have measures such as self-exclusion and deposit limits in place in order to protect their players. This is usually legally enforced by governments so that the players aren't going in above their heads.
  • Payment security. As with any online transactions, you're going to want to ensure that when you're making deposits and withdrawals, that your financial information is safe and private and away from prying eyes. As well as having encryption in place for when you make the transactions you're also going to want to be cautious if there are delay limits in place.
  • They hold a license. These licenses are typically provided by government bodies. In the UK it is the Gambling Commission. They have a search engine on their website by which you can search in the online bingo to see if they're listed there. Typically the website should also have the UK Gambling Commission logo and information listed in their footer or privacy policy page.
  • Fairness in games - a fair game of bingo is made possible by something called a random number generator. This piece of software ensures that the numbers being called out are in fact 100% random and there is no influence in which numbers are being picked. It's important to establish that the RNG that is being used is made by a totally separate third party regulatory company so that the RNG itself, despite being present, is fair.

Signs that the online bingo is unlicensed

Now that you know the things to look for in a licensed bingo, it’s also important to note the warning signs to indicate the bingo is, in fact, unlicensed and so again we’ve prepared a list of red flags:

  • Lack of ways to get in touch with them. Many unlicensed bingo sites will hide behind web forms and not offer any alternate contact methods.
  • No evidence to show their license.
  • No deposit limits.
  • Withdrawal limit delays.
  • Lack of certification when it comes to the testing of their games.
  • Paypal isn’t offered as a payment method. Paypal tends to review who they allow to make payments through and so if this isn’t offered it could be a warning sign.
  • No option to self exclude yourself.
  • Bad reviews online.

Stay safe online

Hopefully, now you have enough information to make an informed decision next time you're playing online bingo as to whether that site is licensed or not.

Here at Moon Bingo, we ensure that we are totally transparent with all of our players as to the fact we are indeed regulated and licensed and players at all time are receiving a fair playing experience to enjoy.

We’re also happy for you to ask us any questions in regards to any of the above and how it relates to our bingo site and the measures we’ve put in place to keep our players safe. We also take pride in the positive reviews left by members of our bingo community which further goes to show that we provide a fair playing experience for everyone.