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Different Types of Bingo Players

Bingo Players

There is estimated to be over 100 million bingo players worldwide, a staggering number. With over 3.5 million of these being in the UK alone. Around 75%-80% of these players are women with the rest being men. Other interesting statistics include 25% of all players being of the age between 18 and 34, something that may come as a surprise to some with the game being perceived as more for the older generation. And of these 100 million bingo players around 35% of them are playing online through their smartphones or at their computer.

Bingo Players Worldwide

With there being so many bingo players worldwide it’s a rock-solid guarantee that you’re going to come across all different types of bingo players. However, over time, more and more bingo games you play, you’ll start to notice that these different types of bingo players tend to fall into their categories. And today we’re going to be looking at the different types of bingo players that you’ll be coming across on your typical online bingo site.

The Competitive Bingo Player

This is the type of player you won’t stumble across all that often, but when you do, you’ll know you have. This type of bingo players aims to win at all costs and won’t stop until they’ve done just that. The reason you’ll not stumble across these types of payers is that 95% of bingo players simply play for the social side of things, and so these types of players are hard to come by. The danger with these types of bingo players is that they can end up becoming quite addicted and this compulsion of winning can sometimes lead them to become distracted.

The Lone Ranger

Despite online bingo generally being a social game for the players, not all players who are playing in the same game as you are social. There may be 50 people in the room but only 40 people will be talking. Some of them will just keep themselves to themselves and if you do get a reply it will be short & abrupt, most likely just a yes/no answer.

The Resident

This is a player you’ll see in the same bingo rooms day in and day out. He’s the equivalent of the person everybody knows in your neighborhood. If anything has gone on or a big jackpot has been won, if someone knows about it, you can guarantee it will be this type of bingo player.

Your Bingo Buddy

This is a type of player you’ll know all too well. You’ll get along with each other like a house on fire. Share the same interests, converse a lot and also happen to be in the same bingo rooms more often than not. More often than not you’ll also be on first name terms with this player and you’ll know more about them than the rest of the players in the room.

The Social Player

This is the type of player you’ll see quite commonly in most online bingo rooms who couldn’t care less about winning but more about enjoying their time on the site. They’ll always be the first to congratulate someone on a win and they’ll be the most humble when their time eventually arrives and they get their first win.

The Comedian

As sociable as they come, the chatroom in your online bingo game will never be dull with this type of player involved. They will always be cracking jokes and looking to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time whilst playing in the bingo game.

The Opportunist

This is also another type of bingo player you won’t see all too often. They’ll not always be playing every game they can, but rather they will take a moment to see where the biggest opportunities lie. You can expect to see these type of players in games that have a jackpot or games where there aren’t many players. One place you won’t see them is in a crowded online bingo room.

The Veteran

This type of player will have been around your chosen bingo site for years and years. Throughout the hundreds, if not, thousands of games they’ve played, they will have had some close calls, some big wins and seen some big jackpots drop. They are usually the first to help new players out providing some invaluable tips.

The Newbie

You probably won’t recognize this player straight away however they will have only just started playing online bingo and will be the first to ask questions regarding what the slang means in the chat room and will be asking for tips as to how to boost their chances. You can typically expect for the more experienced players to lend a helping hand to these types of players.

The Lucky Player

This type of player is probably the hardest to pick out. They won’t be the chattiest in the room nor will they be the quietest. They also won’t be on regularly but at the same time will appear from time to time. They will identify what games they want to play and will certainly know when to call it a night. Like most bingo players they also play it purely for fun and don’t have an expectation of winning.

Online Bingo Sites

After reading through these different types of bingo players you might find that you fall into one of these categories. At the same time, you might find you won’t. These categories don’t cover every single type of bingo player however these are the most common ones you’ll begin to notice as time goes on. So, next time you’re playing online bingo keep an eye out for your fellow bingo players and see if you can identify some of the types of players and online bingo sites that we’ve looked at today.