What Time is it in Australia? Take Our Ultimate Time Zone Quiz to Celebrate Entering BST

What time is it in Australia

The clocks go forward on March 28, which means we get lighter evenings and we’re that one step closer to spring and summer.

Yes, at 1am on Sunday March 28, we’ll move an hour ahead and we’ll have light nights to make the most of our daily exercise and life after work. It’s always a confusing time though, and what can be even more confusing is knowing what time it is right around the world.

They say it’s always 5pm somewhere and while we might be fast asleep in London, elsewhere there are people up and about, enjoying their favourite bingo and arcade games, while others may be just waking up and enjoying breakfast. But how much do you know about time zones around the world? Well, to celebrate the clocks going forward, you can take this ultimate quiz and find out…


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