The Ultimate Day of Wimbledon: Your Checklist

Wimbledon Checklist


After missing out on Wimbledon last year, it’s fair to say the players across our online bingo site are chomping at the bit to see the likes of Federer, Djokovic, and Williams return to SW19. There’s not a two week period like it and our bingo chat rooms are always bursting with people enjoying the tennis alongside a game of bingo.

But it’s not all about tennis. In fact, in order to really make the most of Wimbledon, you have to fully invest in what it’s all about. That means opening the champers and tasting the strawberries. With the Grand Slam tournament just around the corner, we’ve put together a list of all the things you need to really make the most of Wimbledon this summer…

Strawberries & Cream

There’s nothing more associated with Wimbledon than strawberries and cream. They’re as synonymous with Wimbledon as rain and Cliff Richard, and sales of the items go up considerably in supermarkets across the nation. It’s estimated that a staggering 28,000kg of strawberries and 10,000 litres of cream are consumed at Wimbledon itself, so why not get involved and have some from home too? You’ll find an excellent recipe above to get you started.


A bit of fizz, responsibly of course, is the perfect accompaniment to strawberries and cream, and it’s another staple of the fortnight, with an estimated 25,000 bottles sunk within the Wimbledon gates.

Alternatively, Pimms is another drink that becomes particularly popular during the event, with the refreshing tipple perfect for watching tennis and sitting in the sunshine.

A tennis racket

There’s something about Wimbledon that really inspires and you can’t help but want to enjoy a game of tennis between sessions and as the tournament progresses. So why not be prepared and get yourself a tennis racket so you can head to the garden or park with friends and family to enjoy a game?

The likes of Amazon and Argos sell rackets relatively cheaply and all you really need is two rackets and a ball and you can enjoy some form of game.


If you can position your TV to make the most of the sunshine and the tennis, then investing in a deckchair to kick back and relax is always a wise move. Again, they are relatively easy to get hold of, with them readily available online and in most major DIY outlets. Then it’s simply a case of lotioning up, putting the sun glasses on, and making the most of a returning Wimbledon.


Why not imagine you’re sitting on Henman Hill and get out in your garden to enjoy a picnic too? While the strawberries and cream will provide you with the ideal dessert, but with a full day of tennis, a full picnic is without a doubt needed.

You can fill your picnic basket with whatever you please, but you can’t go wrong with a series of classic sandwiches, pork pies, salads, and snacks.

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