Online Betting Is Gaining in Popularity in the UK!


Online gambling seems to be the new normal for fanatics around the UK and even abroad! At Moon Bingo online bingo site, we kept an eye on the sector’s progression and noticed a steady rise in recent years. However, in 2018, things took a whole new turn and online gambling came out on top in terms of gambling revenue. Indeed, according to industry statistics, 38.8% of all the gambling revenue came from online gambling. Let’s see how this spike in popularity has benefited the UK as a whole!

Online Betting – A Sector That Generates Employment!

That’s correct, online betting is still going strong at a time when non-remote casino gaming and betting have both gone down. This eventually resulted in more jobs availability across the industry’s different online sectors. The UK’s gambling industry is estimated to be employing no less than 100K people across both remote and non-remoted gaming. Most of these individuals being employed in betting shops, bingo halls, and land-based casinos across the territory. When it comes to jobs within the online gambling business, do note that companies also operate in places like Malta, Gibraltar, Alderney, and the Isle of Man. Thus, they also generate many jobs to effectively handle UK-based operations – and this is just the beginning!

It’s All About Entertainment with a Touch of Convenience!

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It’s an undeniable fact, online gambling is convenient, and this certainly explains the spike in popularity that it gained during the past few years. In addition, some of the latest industry figures show that it’s one of the most popular forms of entertainment. A likely reason as to why the UK government decided to abolish all taxes on gambling winnings for UK citizens. Online gambling offers valuable entertainment to those who enjoy it – some people love to have a go at the latest online slot games as they commute to work, whilst others enjoy the challenge of poker or blackjack. Needless to say, online gambling is also more inclusive – those who find it difficult to get out of the house can now participate in their favourite games from the comfort of their own homes. We simply enjoy the convenience and these days, it’s also the safest option!

Online Gambling Platforms are Safe and Regulated

Apart from very responsive and alert in-house teams to assist and guide players, online gambling platforms are strictly moderated by the Gambling Commission, GamStop, GamCare, GBGA and various other bodies. Basically, in the UK, gambling laws represent comprehensive sets of regulations instated for the protection of parties involved in gambling activities, both players and operators. This set up is eventually encouraging for those interested in this form of entertainment. Regulations are reviewed regularly, and it’s all aimed at avoiding potential forms of abuse.

Online Gambling Expected to Grow by More Than $80m by 2024!

The future of online gambling is indeed looking bright! As per recent predictions and the analysis of various industry related figures, the digital casino and gambling markets are projected to grow by more than $80 billion dollars over the next three years. This would be a four-year period from 2020 to 2024. You online casino or betting fans can hence look out for brighter days to come. Better and even more entertaining games, improved online technology, sites with next-gen UX and UI and other improvements to really boost things even further. Be on the lookout it’s only going to get better!

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