National Pizza Day: The UK’s Favourite Toppings

Just like their favourite bingo game, a person’s favourite pizza can tell you an awful lot of them.

National Pizza Day

Just like their favourite bingo game, a person’s favourite pizza can tell you an awful lot of them. While people like their traditions, like 90-ball bingo or the humble margherita, we also enjoy the weird and wonderful more than ever before from slingo, to pineapple on your pizza.

The pizza is one of the UK’s favourite dishes, imported from Italy as early as 1803. It’s since become a firm favourite worldwide and February 9 welcomes in National Pizza Day, where we celebrate everything from the traditional Napoli style pizza to the deep dish famous in Chicago. But while many will be dropping a pizza into the oven this week, what are the nation’s favourite toppings?

Pepperoni Topping the Charts

According to a recent study, almost one in five Brits’ favourite pizza is the pepperoni, with 18% selecting the dish in a Parkdean Restaurants survey. The cured meat is one of the more traditional pizza toppings and just edged out the Meat Feast, which of course includes pepperoni but also the likes of ham and sausage. The Meat Feast is the nation’s second favourite pizza, stealing 17% of people’s hearts, with ham and pineapple incredibly the third favourite at 14%.

Only one in 10 prefer the margherita over any other pizza, the fifth most popular pizza, with BBQ chicken the fourth at 11%. Among the less popular toppings included tandoori chicken and vegi supreme (8%) and four cheese, garlic mushroom, and tuna. The latter three all took 4% of the vote, while honourable mentions also go to the likes of spinach and anchovies.

A Breakdown by Region

We’re a nation of pizza lovers and these days there are some incredible pizza restaurants all over the country, with five in the UK featuring in the world’s top 50, including Rudy’s in Manchester and other cities across the north of England, and Pizza Pilgrims which has been enjoying quite the reputation in the capital. If you break down favourite toppings by region, it also makes for interesting reading.

In 15 of the country’s biggest cities, over half (8) favour the pepperoni pizza, with 26% choosing the pizza topping in Belfast, the largest of any city, while it was also a particularly high scorer in Leeds (23%) and Sheffield (21%).

The Meat Feast is most popular in Bristol, with 22% of people preferring that, alongside Manchester (18%). Perhaps surprisingly, two cities are lovers of the ham and pineapple pizza, which took 20% of the vote in Edinburgh and 17% in Southampton.

The Top Pizza Toppings by City:

  • Belfast: Pepperoni (26%)
  • Birmingham: Pepperoni (15%)
  • Bristol: Meat Feast (22%)
  • Cardiff: Meat Feast (12%)
  • Edinburgh: Ham & Pineapple (20%)
  • Glasgow: Pepperoni (21%)
  • Leeds: Pepperoni (23%)
  • Liverpool: Meat Feast (18%)
  • London: Pepperoni (14%)
  • Manchester: Meat Feast (18%)
  • Newcastle: Pepperoni (15%)
  • Norwich: Pepperoni (15%)
  • Nottingham: Meat Feast (22%)
  • Sheffield: Pepperoni (21%)
  • Southampton: Ham & Pineapple (17%)

We’d love to know what type of pizza you’ll be celebrating National Pizza Day with. Send us a picture of your dish through our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

What is your favourite pizza topping?

Meat Feast
Ham & Pineapple
BBQ Chicken
Vegi Supreme
Tandoori Chicken
Garlic Mushroom
Four Cheese
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