Mobile Gaming: The Present and Future of The World’s Most Exciting Scene

It’s fair to say that some people have rather lazy attitudes towards gamers. We all know the stereotype, and we don’t really need to go there, but for those who do carry such a stereotype, you could be in for a bit of a shock. Mobile Gaming

That’s right, mobile gaming has proven to be an inclusive, exciting, and innovative movement. Over the last few years, farmers have often sought mobile first, and a new study by yours truly here at Moon Bingo have found some interesting statistics.

For the last few years we’ve seen more and more people enjoying our bingo games and online slots through our mobile app, and even just by getting to know our players in the chat rooms, we know it’s such a diverse and friendly bunch.

That’s why we decided to explore the mobile gaming market right now, and bust those stereotypes once and for all…

Mobile Gaming Infographic

The Facts

The rise of mobile gaming has been quite extraordinary over the past few years, and it continues to grow at a rapid rate. With every new smartphone release comes greater technology and in turn more immersive games, to the point where consoles are being challenged.

We looked at a range of different data points to uncover what the mobile gaming landscape looks like right now.

A Staggering Number of Players

We’ve always had a large following here at Moon Bingo, with plenty of players enjoying the likes of slingo bingo and 90-ball bingo. But what about the wider landscape, how many people actually enjoy mobile gaming?

According to the facts, there are a whopping 2.2 billion mobile gamers around the world, and when you consider that just over six billion people own a smartphone in the world, that’s quite a significant percentage.

It’s perhaps no surprise that over a third of smartphone users enjoy gaming given the diverse range of games on offer, from puzzles to action, strategy to arcade, meaning there really is something for all people of all interests and ages.

The Casual Commuters

Particularly as more and more gamers are seeking more casual games that can be easily picked up and put down in a couple of minutes.

The study found a big shift towards this, with casual and puzzle games leading the way as the most played on mobile. This plays well into the hands of the daily commuter enjoying a game of Cleopatra on the train to work, or the stay-at-home parent enjoying a spin on Slingo Reveal while the kids are taking a nap.

Interestingly though, while casual games are the most popular, our time spent on mobile devices suggest that we’re enjoying them much longer than a quick five minutes. In fact, 48% of people use their smartphone between five and six hours per day, and while that isn’t all directly linked to gaming, you can bet your bottom dollar it plays a large part.

Apple Eaten by Android

When it comes to the devices we’re using to game these significant periods, Android is certainly leading the charge. 78% of gamers are using Android devices compared to Apple, and it’s perhaps no wonder given the range of games available.

The study found that the Google Play store has over a million more games available compared to the Apple App Store. At the time of writing there are just over two million games in the App Store, a staggering range in itself. However, Android offers up 3.15million games, making it a real paradise for mobile gamers.

What’s Next for Mobile Gaming?

It’s fair to say that mobile gaming is only going to continue going from strength to strength over the coming months and years and this time next year we could be looking at an even more diverse landscape, or one that sways even further towards a female player base enjoying the casual games we all know and love today.

Either way, the future is bright for mobile gaming and here at Moon Bingo, we’ll be bringing you the latest tech and new bingo, slot and arcade games as it progresses.

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