Men’s Grooming Day: Our Top Grooming Tips

Men's Grooming Day

Men’s Grooming Day is probably not at the top of the list on everyone’s calendar, but in some cases it certainly should be. More and more people are starting to take note of it though, and for many men, taking pride in their appearance is more important than ever.

With the likes of beards and longer hair much more popular among men though, it can be easy to get it wrong. August 17 marks National Men’s Grooming Day this year and we’re celebrating by providing you with our top grooming advice for men.

So, without further ado, here it is…

Become A Regular At The Barbers

You may be a regular in our bingo rooms or on our slots, but if you want to look after your hair properly, you’ll need to become a regular at your barbers. Getting into the habit of having your hair trimmed regularly, rather than leaving it to over grow is good for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it will mean your hair is always well kept, but also you’ll develop a relationship with your barber and therefore they’ll begin to understand exactly what you want, meaning you’ll get a cleaner and more refined cut compared to less frequent visits or visits to different barbers.

Find the Right Products

There are so many different products on the market these days, so it’s important to find the right ones for you. Choose a product that suits your style and type of hair. Thicker hair will be more likely to require waxes or pomade, while finer hair you should opt for more lighter products. Before making a purchase do some research and you can make a series of tests from there.

Manage your Beard

Many men have beards these days, but very few of them actually keep it well maintained. Beards need grooming regularly in order to keep the unsightly neck hairs and cheek hairs at bay and the perfect way to do so is by investing in a beard trimmer.

It means you won’t simply have to have a trim every time you visit the barbers, but rather you’ll be able to keep it at a consistent length by staying on top of it. You can pick up beard trimmers relatively cheaply these days, and regular grooming really can work wonders.

Don’t Ignore the Eyebrows

Facial hair doesn’t stop with the beard, and the likes of nose hair, ear hair and eyebrows should also be kept on top of. There are many ways in which you can ensure your eyebrows are looking good, and while we’re not suggesting you need to trim down big eyebrows, after all it is a good look on the likes of George Cloooney, removing any monobrow going on is always a good idea.

You can try and tackle this yourself, while your barber will have no problem looking after these while they do your hair, using their tools to get your unruly facial hair in solid working order.

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