Five Things You Should Know About Slingo

Did you know - Slingo

Slingo bingo is one of the best new variants of bingo on the planet right now. Here at Moon Bingo we are huge fans and always bringing you the next big thing when it comes to slingo games. Of course, for fans of the more traditional formats of bingo like 90-ball and 75-ball though, at face value it can seem a little confusing.

That couldn’t be further from the truth, and players soon get into the swing of things. However, there are some things you should know about slingo. And we are here to tell you…

It’s A Single Player Game

Firstly, it’s different from regular bingo games in that you aren’t going up against other players, but rather it is you versus the computer. Slingo bingo is a one player game and therefore rather than be the first player to complete a line or mark off your card in full, players are required to mark off their bingo card in a set amount of numbers drawn, a little similar to how it would be winning a progressive jackpot bingo game.

It’s Half Slot, Half Bingo

Slingo bingo isn’t just bingo, it combines elements of slot machines in order to play. The basis of the game is that you mark off your bingo card by spinning the slot reels, which will then land on numbers you are required to mark off. When placing your bet, you are given a set number of spins to mark off all the numbers on your card. Do so, and you win.

Other Elements Of Games Also Feature

It isn’t just online slots that can feature in slingo bingo games, but also a range of arcade games and scratchcards are also adding new dimensions to them. This is creating a more exciting bingo scene than ever before, while the likes of Deal or No Deal Slingo is even integrating elements of TV shows into the equation. But can you beat the Banker? 

You Can Earn Free Spins

One of the great things about online slots, whether it be big games like Cleopatra and Starburst, or lesser known titles, is the vast majority of them you can earn free spins. That part of online slots has also made its way into slingo, with the possibility of increasing the number of spins you have to mark off your bingo card. This ultimately increases your chance of winning, as well as picking up other bonus winnings in a slingo game.

It’s Powered In Much The Same Way As Regular Online Bingo

While some players may feel a bit wary about moving from the traditional bingo games online, the fact of the matter is they use the same technology, so you have just as much chance of winning as the next. Both use random number generators to power the games, which mean numbers are drawn completely at random, whether they’re spun in slot reel form or drawn in 90-ball form. They’re completely safe and secure, and mean every bingo game you play is fair.

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