Celebrate World Chocolate Day By Visiting These Chocolate Hotspots

World Chocolate Day

Chocolate is one of the world’s great loves, so it’s no wonder each year we celebrate World Chocolate Day on July 7 millions of people around the globe dive straight in and gorge on the true delight it is.

We know for sure, nothing quite beats a block of chocolate and a game of slingo bingo or 75-ball, and to celebrate the great day, we’re taking on a whistle-stop tour of some of the world’s chocolate hotspots…


The Belgian capital is often cited as the chocolate capital of the world. In almost every corner you’ll find chocolatiers offering some incredible flavours. It has more chocolatiers per square foot than anywhere else in the world! With the likes of Jean Galler, Wittamer, and Pierre Marcolini among the best-loved in the city.

There’s also a museum all about chocolate to enjoy, while there are also plenty of chocolate courses you can enjoy across the city, where you can learn to make chocolate in true Belgian style.


Next we cross the border into France and the romantic city of Paris. The French are just behind their Belgian neighbours when it comes to creating incredible chocolate. The capital has over 300 chocolate shops in the city, including quaint independent shops and renowned chains and restaurants. It’s dark chocolate which is most loved in the city. And you’ll find some of the highest quality ingredients being used in many of Paris’ chocolate shops.


Tuscany is perhaps more well known for its wine, but the Italian region is also very popular among chocolatiers too. Known as The Chocolate Valley, you’ll find some incredible shops and factories making chocolate between the cities of Florence, Pisa, and Montecatini.

Vestri in Florence is among the most popular chocolate shops for visitors and you can not only enjoy the delights of chocolate, but also enjoy that famous Italian gelato as the perfect accompaniment too.


Hershey is a place in the USA that has since been renamed thanks to the popularity of the chocolate brand. Originally named Derry Church, the town was renamed Hershey in 1906, with the Pennsylvania town known to be the “Sweetest Place on Earth”. 

Thousands of people flock to the town, which is around 95 miles from Philadelphia, every year to enjoy Hershey’s Chocolate World where you can not only enjoy the chocolate itself, but also the many rides and amusements set up alongside them. It’s the perfect theme park for a chocolate lover, and well worth a trip, particularly if visiting Philadelphia.


Staying a little closer to home to finish our tour is the home of Cadbury, Bournville. The town is of course the inspiration behind Cadbury’s dark chocolate bar. While it is also a town that was purpose built for the people working in the factory by the Cadbury’s, who were a Quaker family.

It’s one of a handful of model villages in the UK and is today considered one of the nicest places in the UK to live. Cadbury has a museum and park to enjoy these days, making it an excellent day out, with plenty of chocolate to taste, as well as a number of rides.

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