What Are Video Slots? All You Need To Know

If one type of game has completely revolutionised online casinos, it’s the video slot.

Video Slots Games

If one type of game has completely revolutionised online casinos, it’s the video slot.

We perhaps even take them a little bit for granted these days, with so many themes, mega jackpots and more fun than ever before.

But what are video slots and what makes them different to the more traditional slots on the market?

What Are Video Slots?

Video slots are now the most common type of slot you’ll find online and they work in much the same way as traditional slots in that they have reels and you must match the symbols in order to win.

However, they use video graphics to operate and work with the help of random number generators which essentially provide you with the combinations found on the reels when you click spin.

They also use video when bonus games are operated and you’ll find many different types of themes, from those inspired by tradition such as fruit machines, to Greek mythology, the luck of the Irish, Hollywood blockbusters and more.

How Do Video Slots Differ To Traditional Slots?

While the concepts of video slots are very similar, they do differ quite significantly compared to traditional slots, and largely for the better too!

Among the key differences between video slots and traditional ones are:

  • Bigger Jackpots: Thanks to the likes of multipliers and scatters you’re more likely to find bigger jackpots with video slots.
  • More Paylines: The best difference between video and traditional is the larger number of paylines, which essentially means more ways to win!
  • Bonus Rounds: You’ll find more bonus rounds with more ways to win, as well as them being much more creative.
  • Higher Maximum Bets: Video slots will often have a higher maximum bet, which can contribute to the bigger payouts.
  • More Reels: There are usually more reels on a video slot. Usually five, but they can go beyond that and in some cases even differ each game.

Things To Know Before Playing Video Slots

Video slots have certainly proven a real game changer when it comes to playing online slots, and here at Moon Bingo there are dozens of great titles to enjoy.

If you are looking to play video slots, then there are also some things you should know. Among our top tips when playing video slots are:

  • Get to know the pay table: Pay tables differ quite a lot in comparison to traditional slots, so make sure you read how much you can win with your stake and what each symbol represents in the gaming options.
  • Manager you bankroll: Ensure the amount you are staking falls in proportion with the size of your bankroll. Don’t be placing the maximum bet if your bankroll is relatively low.
  • Know the jackpots: Equally, you will only be able to win the jackpot with a maximum bet, so if you do have a larger bankroll, be aware of this. Higher bets will also open up more paylines.
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