Things To Know About Slot Bonuses


The beauty of online slots is that they are more creative and more immersive than slot machines have ever been. The technology has completely transformed the way we play slots, particularly when it comes to bonus games and additional features.Slot Bonuses

We’re seeing all manner of inventive and exciting bonus games, but if you’re new to online slots then they can at first appear confusing. However, there’s no need to be confused as most bonuses of these casino games are relatively easy to understand. To guide you through the ins and outs of slot bonuses, we’ve put together this handy guide…

Free Spins

Free spins are the most popular type of bonus you’ll find in online slots, and they are exactly what they say on the tin. They offer you a chance to spin the reels for free. The vast majority of slots, from the likes of Temple of Iris and Raging Rhino to Game of Thrones and Reel Rush 2 and in some cases you’ll even find unlimited free spins available.

To earn free spins you need to trigger them, which can be done by spinning the reels and landing scatter symbols. You will need to land a number of scatter symbols on the reels to trigger the free spins round. Once launched, you will have a set number of spins completely free of charge, with any winnings then added to your bankroll.

There will be opportunity in many cases to land more free spins during free spins rounds, with further scatter symbols on the reels boosting those free spins. 


Multipliers are great bonuses for boosting your payouts, and any maximum win noted on a slot machine will usually be inclusive of those multipliers. They can come in all shapes and sizes and ultimately multiply any winnings by that amount. You’ll often find 2x multipliers, which will double any winnings you make, while in some cases you can earn 100x multipliers which really can see the big bucks roll in.

Multipliers are common in online slots, and you will often find them in the free spins bonus games. It is always worth looking out for games that offer multipliers, as well as how you can earn them. Usually this will come from landing a particular bonus symbol on the reels.


Wilds are also commonly found in slots and are really useful to land on the reels. Wilds are similar to what jokers are in a pack of cards, where they can represent any symbol. Therefore if you land one on the reels, it can be substituted for any other symbol and potentially complete a payline. Standard wild symbols will only allow you to substitute that particular symbol. In some cases though you may also come across Super Wilds, which take the wild to the next level.

Super wilds are wild symbols that if you land them, the entire reel can be substituted, leaving more potential for completing paylines.

Other Bonuses

As well as the standard bonuses mentioned above, some slots more recently have decided to get a little more inventive. You’ll find a number of slots, such as the Game of Thrones slot that allow you to choose your own bonus games, selecting from a series of multipliers and free spins, while others go completely off piste.

There are a number of slots that if you land certain letters along the reels to spell out a term or name, you will win a bonus, while a number of movie based slots will have scenes from films integrated into the slot. In the case of these, the bonus will then follow the narrative of the scene, in what is a truly thrilling and unique way to enjoy online slots.

For example, in the Game of Thrones slot, by triggering the bonus round, you are then required to select one of the four houses made famous in the show. These bonuses differ with how many free spins you get and how many multipliers you receive and therefore you can choose the bonus to suit your preferred way of playing. 

It’s always useful to read the information section of any slot as it will offer further insight into how the bonus is played and how it is triggered.

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