Slot Strategy: Our Top Do’s And Don’ts

Slot Strategy

Online slots are one of the most loved games when it comes to online casino, and many of our players here love to take a spin. A large number take the shift from bingo games into slots, to enjoy the extravagant themes and a small break from the likes of 75-ball bingo. But it isn’t the simplest of transitions, and when it comes to playing online slots, knowing the do’s and don’ts is a must. Slot Strategy

There are many do’s and don’ts that can improve your slot strategy, so we’ve put together this handy guide to aid your playing…

Online Slots: The Do’s

When it comes to playing online slots, you should consider a number of things when finding the right game to suit you, as well as how much you wish to bet and win. Below you’ll find a series of pieces of advice that you should adopt…

  • Choose A Game To Suit Your Goals: Consider what you want from the slot. Are you looking for regular small wins, or one big one? Discovering the volatility or variance of a slot will help you find if a particular slot suits your goals.
  • Start Small: If you’re new to slots, start small and get a look and feel for the slot before spinning with large chunks of your bankroll. Do the latter, and it’s a recipe for disaster. Once you’re comfortable with a slot, you can begin to increase your stake.
  • Play Within Your Budget: But only increase your stake if your budget allows. Only bet what you can afford. It’s generally considered that in slot play your bankroll and stake should cover you for 250 bets, which essentially would cover a three hour period of betting.
  • Read The Rules: Read the rules and how to trigger bonus features before playing. For example, if you’re playing a progressive jackpot, it may require you to bet a certain amount. If you don’t read this you may be betting and not even be in with a chance of claiming the progressive win.

Online Slots: The Don’ts

There are plenty of don’ts when it comes to online slots too, and they can prove costly and dangerous. If you’re looking to get started then do not fall foul of these common mistakes…

  • Automatically Bet The Maximum: If you bet the maximum, you will win the jackpot if your bet comes in. However, bets should be placed within the means of your bankroll. Betting the maximum can lead you to losing your bankroll very quickly, so consider what proportion of your bankroll you can bet to enjoy a long session.
  • Plan on Winning Big: Don’t automatically think you’re going to win big too. Don’t let your heart rule your head on this one. Wins are possible, and you can be successful if you develop logical strategy, but that’s nothing to do with a hunch and can be incredibly dangerous. 
  • Gamble All Your Winnings Back: If you do win, consider whether it is worth withdrawing or continuing to play. It can be difficult to quit while you’re ahead sometimes. But it’s fair to say your bank account will feel better for it.
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