Slot Machine Basics: All You Need To Know

Slot machines are among the most fun casinos games available online, and also among the easiest to play.

Slot Machine Basics

Slot machines are among the most fun casinos games available online, and also among the easiest to play.

However, if you’ve never played slots online before then you may feel a little intimidated by them. There are thousands of slots available online and if you’re wanting to play them, but haven’t quite got the knowledge, then below you’ll find all you need to know about slots to get you started…

How Do Slots Work?

That of course starts with how they work and how you play them. While there are thousands of slot games around, the aim of each one is very simple – match the symbols in order to win.

You do this by spinning the reel on the slots and matching the symbols along the predefined paylines.

The way the symbols are spun is by a player selecting how much to bet and clicking spin. A random number generator then uses an algorithm to randomly select the symbols. If they match a combination along a payline, then you will win.

Within slots you’ll also find bonus rounds too which can be opened up by landing scatter symbols and wild symbols which will be defined on the slot’s information section.

Different Types of Slot Machines

As you can probably expect with such a variety of slots, there are a number of different types.

First and foremost you’ll find many different themes available from the likes of fruit machines to Ancient Egyptian themes, TV shows, the Wild West and more. However, there are also different types when it comes to how to play too.

Payline Slots

Payline slots are the most common type of slot and work by players having to match symbols across winning paylines. The number of paylines a slot machine has vary, with some having just a single line, while others can have over 100,000! Paylines are the combinations matching symbols can land on the reels to win.

Cluster Slots

Cluster slots are slightly different in you don’t match symbols along lines, but instead have to form clusters. This will usually be done by clustering a minimum of four symbols, with the more symbols you cluster the more you will win.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are a different breed of slot as the jackpot on them progressively build, with a proportion of each bet going towards the jackpot.

They are often part of networks and the jackpots are much bigger, often reaching the millions.

What You Should Know About Slots

If you are looking to play slots then there are certain things you should be aware of and make note of before playing any.

Among the things to take note of are:

  • RTP: This means return to player and is the percentage in which the slot will pay out of the amount that is put on.
  • Variance: This is the volatility of a slot. High variance slots will have more risk and pay out less, but the reward will be higher. Low variance slots are the opposite, with more frequent wins but of lower value. Medium variance are a mixture of the two.
  • Maximum Win: The maximum win of a slot will be based upon all the multipliers in play and the maximum bet being placed. Therefore you can’t win the biggest jackpot unless you place the maximum bet.
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