Real Money Slots v Free Video Slots: Your Guide

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The world of online slots can often be a confusing one for new players. The choice is endless, and with so many themes, formats, and bonus rounds it can be difficult to know where to start. However, delve a little deeper into the detail and it can be incredibly useful in helping decide what to play.


One of the biggest decisions will come from whether you wish to play real money slots or free video slots. There are many benefits to both and if you take a look at some of the key differences below, you may be one step further on your way to playing online slot games right here at Moon Bingo…

Real Money Slots

Real money slots are among the most commonly found slots and are essentially slot machines in which you are required to pay to play. There will be a minimum and maximum bet available to players, but at the same time there are also winnings on offer to players, in some cases upwards of £100,000. Among the more common benefits of playing real money slots are:

Opportunity to Win Real Money

It goes without saying, but if you’re playing real money slots, there is an opportunity to win real money. Of course, the nature of slots and the random number generators to power them means that there ultimately comes risk and there are no guarantees of winning real money. A good way to assess your chances of winning are by exploring the return to player (RTP) of a slot and the variance.

Large Catalogue

You’ll find a much larger catalogue of real money slots than you will free slots, with them coming in all shapes and sizes and usually to suit all budgets. Some of the very finest online slots are played for real money, including the likes of Cleopatra, Starburst, and Temple of Iris, all offering different themes to suit all interests.

More Bonus Rounds

Real money slots also have more bonus rounds integrated into them, which can often really set slots apart. They offer a new element to the game, which can vary from bringing into play arcade games or puzzles, as well as video, with a number of slots, particularly those inspired by movies, sometimes including real-life scenes in them. 

Free Video Slots

Free video slots, by their very nature are what they say on the tin – free. They’re often a great way to start playing slots for the first time and you can get a real taste of what a slot has to offer, particularly those that offer both freeplay and real money. Some of the biggest reasons to play free video slots are:

No Money Involved

The biggest bonus of playing free play slots is that there is no money involved, and while you won’t win any, you also won’t lose any. It’s no strings attached slot play and there are often plenty available for you to choose from.

Practice Makes Perfect 

For new players especially, free play is the perfect introduction to online slots and allows you to get a look and feel of a slot without spending any bankroll. They allow you to get a sense of the game itself, and then how things like free spins operate, as well as getting to grips with how different RTP and volatilies of slots can affect the outcome of spins.

Test New Strategies

Equally, experienced slot players can get plenty out of free play too. If you’re looking to adopt new strategies or methods of playing, rather than testing them in real money gameplay, free play offers players the chance to hone strategies and even just test them out. If successful, they can move into real play. If not, they can be scrapped with no harm done to a bankroll.

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