Land-Based Casino Myths Debunked

Land-Based Casino

Casinos are always exciting places, but the movies can certainly leave you feeling a certain way about them. There are always scenes of heists, rigged games, and even everyone dressing in tuxedos and ball gowns. But how close to real-life is this? Land-based casinos 

If truth be told, it couldn’t be further from real-life. In fact, often playing in land-based casinos is just as casual as enjoying online casino games and slots, and it’s certainly just as safe and secure. 

There are dozens of myths associated with casinos, many of which can put players off visiting. So here are a few myths debunked to give you some real insight into how they work and operate…

Casino Games Are Rigged 

It’s perhaps the most common misconception both offline and online and simply isn’t true. Some people think that the dealer is in control of a roulette spinning or that slots are operated by an internal control room, committed to making you lose. That simply isn’t true.

Of course, casino games will have a house edge, but aside from that everything is completely random, or dictated by skill in the case of casino games like poker. 

Oxygen Is Pumped Into Casinos

It’s also a common mistake to believe that casinos actively pump oxygen into the gaming floors to keep people more awake, active, and feeling good about their gaming. This is crazy logic, and a complete untruth. 

Firstly, it would be incredibly expensive for casinos to do this. Secondly, it’s actually illegal, so you’d think if they were, they’d have been caught by now. 

You Have To Dress Smartly

We often have this vision of casinos where men walk around in tuxedos and women are dressed to the nine in ball gowns and extravagant bags. However, this is not the case. Well, certainly not in all casinos. Head into Mayfair or the more exclusive and beautiful casinos and you may find that to be the case. However, your local casino will certainly have a relaxed dress code and you can wear simply what you are comfortable in.

A Big Win Is Coming For A Dormant Slot Machine

If a slot machine hasn’t paid out in a while, many people believe a big win is about to arrive. A bit like a volcano about to erupt, people will flock to that particular machine to try and get the big win. 

That isn’t exactly true though. Each spin has as much chance of winning as the next due to slot machines operating using random number generators which essentially means every combination that arrives on your slot screen is completely random. Land-Based Casinos

All Casino Games Are Pure Luck

Unlike bingo games, which are largely based upon luck, with any bingo card as likely to win as the next, not all casino games are based upon luck. Many casino games require skill and strategy. Typically, you can break casino games into two, soft games and skill games.

Soft games are mainly luck based and you have very little input on being able to affect a game. Skill games, however, require skill and strategy with the likes of blackjack and poker requiring you to use judgement in order to make educated, correct decisions in order to win.

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