How Do Slot Tournaments Work? Your Complete Guide

Slot Tournament

Here at Moon Bingo many of our players love a spin on the online slots between games of slingo or 90-ball, and it’s no wonder – there are some great games out there. But did you know there was such a thing as slot tournaments too?

Slot tournaments are becoming increasingly popular with players and they can be fun, lucrative and just that little bit different to standard play. 

Here’s our complete guide to online slot tournaments…

What Are Slot Tournaments?

Of course, we’ll start with the very first question anyone will wish to ask. What are they? Quite simply, online slot tournaments are online slot games played in a competitive format against other players. While in standard slot play you are playing solo, with it effectively you against the machine, slot tournaments bring other players into the equation in order to win a grand prize.

This is done in a leaderboard format, with the player at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the tournament winning the grand prize. You may also find that there are prizes for the top five or top 10 within a tournament too.

How To Play Slot Tournaments

Playing an online slot tournament isn’t actually that different to playing outside a tournament. If you were playing Starburst, for example, in a tournament, you would follow the same rules and gameplay as you would playing on your own for real money, with the aim to then be to win as much as possible. 

Where it differs slightly is that players are given a set limit of credits to play with in order to make it an even playing field in the competition. What you will find is that players are given a set time in order to play with the credits, and the person with the most profit at the end of the tournament wins. 

Tournaments can be set over a period of days or weeks, and you may also find cut offs similar to what you’d find in golf majors, where if you fail to hit a number of credits by the end of the playing period, you’ll fail to make the next round. 

Types of Slot Tournaments

Slot tournaments can come in all shapes and sizes and as mentioned above can be competed for over multiple days or in one single session. You may also find that there are freeplay tournaments and invitationals, where it doesn’t cost any money to enter, as well as pay to enter tournaments, where you must pay a one off sum in order to enter and receive your credits. 

It’s most likely you’ll encounter the pay to enter tournaments, of which the entry fees will then make up the grand prize, which will then be split across the highest placed on the leaderboard.

Top Tips For Slot Tournaments

While slot play doesn’t require any real skill, with each spin being as likely to win as the next, there are some top tips for playing in order to try and climb the leaderboard:

  • Continually Spin: Time is limited in tournaments, so you need to make the most of your play by getting as many spins in as possible.
  • Place Maximum Bets: Maximum bets will pay out bigger sums, which could see you climb higher up the leaderboard if the tactic comes off.

Play Maximum Pay lines: If you have the option to adjust the number of pay lines in play, play the maximum.

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