Four Ways Slot Machines Are Changing

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Online bingo sites and slot sites are always pushing the boundaries when it comes to the next big thing. With so many slot providers wanting your business, they’re constantly competing to grab your attention, and what that means is a landscape that’s forever changing. And for the better…


We’ve already seen the likes of slingo bingo really come to the fore in recent years, but that’s not the only area in which slot machines are changing, adapting, and appealing to a new generation of audience. We run down the four ways in which slot machines are currently changing…

Embracing Culture

Where once online slots were inspired by the likes of ancient Egypt or the Wild West, with slots like Dead or Alive and Cleopatra still hugely popular, today you’ll find slots inspired by more modern day themes, and in particular film and television. More and more slot providers are teaming up with movie makers to create slots inspired by various franchises, with the likes of Narcos a huge hit here at Moon Bingo.


You’ll find slots covering the likes of hard-hitting dramas, comedies, and adventure movies with everybody from Indiana Jones to the Bridesmaids or Hangover stars featuring in slots these days, and that’s only set to continue.


We all know about video game streaming, but there are people out there that also stream their online casino play, and that includes slots. It’s helping to make online slot play more accessible, with those who would usually be intimidated by slots having that stigma removed by influencers guiding them through them.


It’s similar across many casino games, and what it is doing is throwing online slot play into a wider market, and it’s having a significant impact on the number of people not only signing up to bingo sites offering slots such as Moon Bingo, but also brick-and-mortar establishments too. 

Video, Video, Video

Sticking with the theme of video, not only are influencers making their mark on slots through the medium of video, but slot providers are too. While video slots have long been a thing, technology is now allowing more to be integrated into the slots, and you’ll find heightened graphics and even video helping to shape and tell the story of a game. A number of online slots inspired by movies are doing this especially, using scenes from the film within their bonus games to offer a more immersive and interactive playing experience.

Virtual Reality

This leads on neatly to the rise of virtual reality. Across console gaming we’re seeing it become more and more dominant, but the world of casino is always quick to check in with new tech, and it’s no different here. 

While virtual reality slots are few and far between, as the headsets become more readily available, so will the slots. It’s the next step to making the games as immersive as possible, transporting players into real-life casinos, as well as deep inside the game, where bonus rounds could become more extravagent than ever before. It’s one to watch and could not only become a gamechanger across slots, but other casino games and online bingo too.

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