Five Things We Love About Slots

We Love About Slots

Over the past few years playing slot games online have risen even more to prominence, becoming one of the most popular casino games on the planet. And it really is no wonder. There’s an awful lot to love about slots, and here at Moon Bingo we’re always keen to ensure you’re provided with the best online slots from the biggest software providers around. 

But what is so great about them? Well, many things, but we decided to sit down and run down the top five things we love about playing online slots…

Low Stakes

One great thing about online slots is that you can play for both high and low stakes. With most slots, including hugely popular ones like Cleopatra and Starburst, you’ll find the minimum bet is set relatively low, and the maximum bet is relatively high. This essentially means that there’s often something for everyone.

In most cases the minimum bet on a slot machine will start at around the 10p mark, while you could be able to bet up to £50 per spin.

Great Themes

Unlike bingo games, and many other casino games, the diversity within slots is huge. You can enjoy games with a wealth of themes from the Wild West to the luck of the Irish, Ancient Egypt, movies, and many, many more. 

No matter what your interest, it’s almost guaranteed there will be an online slot to suit your likes and hobbies.

Big Payouts

Online slots can produce some of the biggest payouts around, and there have been records that have hit the millions in some cases. Progressive jackpots are the biggest payers and you’ll find some truly impressive regular slots as well. Our online slot reviews will provide you with all the details on what you can win on our slots, with full pay tables highlighting this.

Exciting Bonus Rounds

Online slots aren’t just about the regular game. In fact, far from it. Scatter symbols and wilds can unlock all manner of added bonuses where you can boost your winnings as well as enjoy something a little bit different. Bonus rounds will vary from game to game and often will be dependent on their theme. 

With some games, such as movie or TV themed slots you may even be required to follow the plot of a story, with video and scenes sometimes integrated in to provide extra context as well as taking your gaming to another level. 

Available Both Offline and Online

One of the great perks about slots is that like bingo you can play both online and offline. Many of the biggest online slot titles can also be found in real-life casinos, so that if you do wish to enjoy a night out at a casino, you’ll find a machine that is often pretty familiar.

Then there’s also of course mobile slots, meaning playing slot games online is possible anytime, anywhere. And what bigger perk is there than that?

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