Five of the Best Arcade Games


The world of online casino is forever changing, with new games, new formats, new slots, and new technology appearing every few months. Here at Moon Bingo, we like to think we always have our fingers on the pulse and over the last 12 months the rise in arcade games has been quite staggering. 

We’re huge fans of arcade games, bringing elements of skill into slot-like gameplay for the very first time as well as monetising some absolute classics. Today, we have a wealth of arcade games to play alongside our online slots and bingo games like slingo bingo. But which are the best? 

To get you started, we’ve run down our favourite arcade games to enjoy via both desktop and our Moon Bingo app

Nerves of Steal

Nerves of Steal is a thrilling game that feels similar to Deal or No Deal in that you must select boxes on the hunt for prizes. It’s a simple game and the perfect entry level game to arcade gaming. There is a close relation to slots, meaning it’s also a good stepping stone, with players required to place a bet, and then prizes determined by how many boxes you select that have a casino chip inside them.

In order to play, players must firstly select how much they wish to bet. From there, four lives are given to a player and lives are lost when selecting an empty box. The aim of the game is to select as many casino chip boxes as possible without losing all lives. The more casino chip boxes selected, the bigger the prize. The jackpot is won by selecting 10 casino chip boxes in a row.

Mayan Bonus

Like many online slots, this arcade game delves into the world of Mayan times with up to £150,000 available in this fantastic game. The aim of the game is to destroy masks to reveal prizes, and collecting various symbols can also launch bonus games where some big prizes can be won.

To win, players must find three matching prize amounts, while collecting all nine Golden Balls will guarantee wins. The game itself is beautifully themed and looks almost like a board game. It’s easy to play though and with bets starting as low as 50p right up to £15, there’s something to suit all budgets.

Crossword Cash

If there’s nothing you love more than an afternoon sat with a newspaper doing the crossword, then this is certainly the game for you. It’s an arcade game that really tests your brain power and vocabulary, taking the humble crossword to a completely new level. To play, you must initially place a bet, which will reveal 18 letters you then have to play with on a board. The aim is then to complete three or more words to start winning from the prize table.  The jackpot is won after completing 12 words, with a maximum of £90,000 up for grabs. Betting starts from 50p, up to £15, with a £3,000 jackpot for the minimum bet.

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