Cascading Reels v Standard Reels: The Key Differences

Cascading Reels v Standard Reels

Online slots come in all shapes and sizes these days. You’ll find a variety of themes from Western to animals, all manner of different bonuses, and a range of bets available. Cascading Reels v Standard Reels

They can often work in different ways too, and more and more slots are being inventive these days, with cascading reels in particular becoming popular among players.

Cascading reels and standard reel slots are the two common types of reels these days, but what are the main differences?

What Are Standard Reels?

Standard reels are the type of online slots that are most recognisable. They offer a relatively straightforward way of playing and it’s likely if you have any experience of playing slots then you will know how they work.

Popular games such as Starburst, Cleopatra, and Dead or Alive use standard reels and the way they work is that you spin the reels and if you land matching symbols along an applicable payline, then you will pick up some winnings. This is then the end of that particular game and you are required to spin again.

What Are Cascading Reels?

Cascading slots aren’t entirely dissimilar to standard reels. They first hit online slots back in 2010 and have been going under the radar for over a decade now. The aim of the game is the same as standard reels in that you are required to take a spin and land matching symbols on the reels.

If you do so, you will pick up winnings just as you would with a standard reel slot. From there though it starts to get a little different. Rather than the game ending, the matching symbols will then disappear and the symbols above them will cascade down into the matching symbols position on the reels. Should this then create matching symbols on the reels, you will win further payouts for that combination, with the symbols disappearing again and the reels cascading once again.

This process will continue until there are no matching symbols on the reels. At this point the game starts again on the next spin. 

They are not as commonplace as standard reels, and you may often find them referred to as tumbling, swooping, or avalanche reel slots. 

What Are The Advantages of Cascading Reels?

The advantages of cascading slots are impressive. First and foremost they give you more chances to win, as if you match symbols, there are opportunities to match more as the symbols disappear. This is also unlimited, so effectively you can pick up a princely sum.

What you’ll often find with them too is that there will be multipliers linked to hitting consecutive wins, meaning that your wins will get bigger and bigger the more they go. As they’re relatively new, they do offer something a little bit different for any players that are getting a little bored of the same old slots. 

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