What is Speed Bingo?

We all live in a world where we expect things to come thick and fast these days.

Speed Bingo

We all live in a world where we expect things to come thick and fast these days. We’re a fast food nation that takes slow and steady for granted. And that’s no different when it comes to gaming either. speed bingo

Even some bingo players are looking to play thicker and faster, whether it be looking to increase the number of games in a session or simply make sure they can enjoy a quick game on their break at work. Enter, speed bingo!

It’s become a real phenomenon over the last few years and it’s popularity is rising. Below you’ll find all you need to know about this variant, including what it is and how to play.

What is Speed Bingo?

Speed bingo is an increasingly popular bingo game that many fans are enjoying, and it’s no real surprise.

The game itself isn’t too dissimilar to the more common games found on bingo sites, such as the likes of 90-ball bingo, except there’s a little bit of a twist, that you can probably guess from the name – it’s fast!

You have to be quick off the mark if playing in a bingo hall especially, with balls being drawn every second. That’s right, it’s a relentlessly fast-paced game perfect for those who wish to play on the go and games can often finish within the three minute mark.

How To Play Speed Bingo?

The game is played in exactly the same manner as any other game, except the balls are called much quicker. Therefore the aim of the game stays the same, to mark off your bingo card in the fewest possible calls.

That means in most cases, and dependent on the game you are playing, you’ll still get prizes for the following:

  • Player to fill one line first
  • Player to fill two lines first
  • Player to fill their bingo card first

What is the Difference Between Speed Bingo and Regular Bingo?

As mentioned there is very little difference between speed bingo and variants such as 90-ball and 75-ball bingo, the only difference being that it is much quicker.

Now, for online play that is absolutely fine, with online bingo helping you by marking your cards off automatically. For bingo halls offering the fast paced option, you really need to be a lot sharper and concentrate fully on the game.

We’d always advise getting to know bingo first and playing the more traditional variants so you can fully understand what is going on before upping the speed to speed bingo.

What Does the Ticket Look Like?

You’ll also find a speed bingo ticket looks no different to the ticket you would play for the non-speed version of a game. For example, a 90-ball bingo ticket will be played on a 3×9 grid that has five numbers on each line.

It’s the same with 75-ball bingo, with players handed the more traditional 5×5 grid. There is nothing different about this game aside from the speed, making it perfect for all bingo fans you really do fancy the quickest possible game.

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