What is a Windfall in Bingo?

Bingo is always a fun game to play and you’ll often find in-play features that make the game even better.

Windfall Bingo

Bingo is always a fun game to play and you’ll often find in-play features that make the game even better. For many online bingo games you’ll find fun features in the chat rooms which can increase your chances of winning, but what you will also find are windfalls.

These are exciting features at both bingo halls and online in which specific games will pay out extra if a certain circumstance occurs.

Below you’ll find all you need to know about windfalls in bingo, including what they are and some of the most common found.

What is a Windfall in Bingo?

Most of you will be aware of the term windfall. It’s a term used to describe a large amount of money being won or received in an unexpected fashion. Well that’s exactly the same in bingo. It’s essentially a type of win that doesn’t form the more traditional means of winning in bingo.

A player will essentially enjoy a windfall if a certain circumstance occurs, for example, you may receive a windfall if you call house after exactly 50 numbers have been drawn. Naturally, this won’t occur on very regular occasions, and therefore it’s considered a windfall.

What are the Different Types of Windfall?

Many bingo sites and bingo halls have windfalls attached to certain games and they can all vary, adding to the excitement of playing.

Among the most common types of windfall include:

  • Bullseye: This is a windfall when a player calls house when exactly 50 numbers have been drawn, as mentioned above.
  • Double Bubble: This is a type of windfall that occurs when a player calls house on a number which has two of the same, so 11, 22, 33, 44 and so on.
  • Lucky Stars: Lucky Stars is a type of windfall in which the windfall is attached to a particular number and often pays out the biggest windfalls. Each player will be assigned a number and if house is called on their lucky star they will receive an extra payout.
  • Bingo Bonus: This is similar to Bullseye in which the bingo site will set a number and if a player wins within that number of calls then they’ll win the bonus. This is also one of the more common windfalls and found in many bingo halls across the country.

How Do I Know a Game Has a Windfall?

If a particular game has a windfall attached to it you’ll generally find them in the terms and conditions or advertised relatively prominently. They’re great ways to attract players into playing, and of course can be very lucrative if they land.

They aren’t attached to the overall winnings themselves and are added bonuses, so not only would you enjoy your windfall, but you would get your winnings for being first to call house also.

They’re incredibly common and most sites will have specials where windfalls are available, while they are also even more prominent in bingo halls themselves, particularly in the UK.

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