What Is A Random Number Generator?

When it comes to online bingo and elements of online casino, one of the main queries and worries players have is how fair they are.

Random Number Generator

When it comes to online bingo and elements of online casino, one of the main queries and worries players have is how fair they are. There are so many questions about whether casino games or bingo games are rigged, but in fact that couldn’t be further from the truth.

All the most trusted bingo and casino sites use random number generators, which ensure fair play and complete randomness.

Take a look through our complete guide to random number generators, or RNGs, and exactly how they work…

What Are Random Number Generators?

Commonly referred to as as RNGs, random number generators are a piece of software that is used to generate the outcomes of a game, for example a ball to be drawn in bingo or a series of symbols across the reels in online slots.

Essentially any game which requires a random number or sequence, a random number generator is used.

The way they work is that random number generators are constantly producing a stream of random numbers that can be pulled at anytime. These numbers are then called upon when a user clicks play, deal or spin and a random number is then dealt to the game software, which then creates a tangible result, for example a bingo ball, set of symbols or a hand of cards.

Why Do Bingo Sites & Casinos Use Random Number Generators?

Random number generators are always used by reputable casinos and bingo sites and it is indeed the law in the UK for brands to use them.

The UK Gambling Commission run a series of tests to approve particular types of RNG which can then be used within online gambling brands across the UK. This regulatory process ensures players can enjoy bingo games with confidence and you can find the ones approved by the commission on their website.

The reason for this is that they encourage fair play and in reality, an RNG ensures that you are just as likely to win on one game or spin as you are the next. That’s because every combination of numbers is completely separate from the next. Therefore random number generators could feasibly produce the same combination of numbers from one moment to the next.

When it comes to slots, they are slightly different than online bingo in that they will also adhere to the return to player of a slot. Every slot will have an RTP, which is a figure that represents the percentage the machine will pay back of what’s put in. So, if an RTP of a slot is 96%, the slot over time will pay out 96% of what is put in.

Therefore a random number generator is programmed to ensure it stays consistent to that RTP over time also.

You should never play a game that doesn’t use an approved RNG and here at Moon Bingo we comply with all Gambling Commission regulations to ensure complete fairness for our players and community.

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