UK Bingo Halls vs Reality: A Far Cry From The Stereotype

UK Bingo Halls vs Reality

Over the past decade or so, it’s fair to say that bingo halls haven’t had the best reputation. But actually, given the rise of bingo over the past few years, it’s rather unfair stereotyping. Or at least we certainly feel that way.

Bingo in the UK has gone from strength to strength in recent years, from online bingo games such as slingo bingo, Swedish bingo and the mobile bingo format, to bingo halls, which are welcoming a new generation of player. Which is completely transforming bingo halls. But what exactly are they like?

Well, to dispel the myths, here are the stereotypes against the reality…

Bingo Halls are for old people

We’ll start from the top, and perhaps the biggest stereotype of all, bingo halls are for older people. Of course, many people of a more mature age love a trip to the bingo, but so do people of all ages. In fact, more and more younger players are now passing through the doors of bingo halls, inspired by their online play to go out and make an evening of it. 

Studies are showing more and more people between aged 20 and 30 are beginning to enjoy bingo halls, while more bingo nights are also touring towns and cities, like Bongo’s Bingo, which is specifically catering to a younger generation of player.

Halls are run down

Many people see bingo halls as these run down buildings that aren’t receiving any love anymore. That’s also not true. Many sites up and down the country have been renovated to be fitted with all the mod cons and offer a comfortable and, in some cases, luxurious. Don’t expect to see wallpaper coming away from the wall or sticky carpets, there are some beautiful bingo halls across the country, many steeped in history but also clean, tidy and well run and looked after.

The regulars can be a little rude

While we can’t vouch for every regular, and there certainly are players with lucky seats, halls are generally welcoming places. Just like our bingo chat rooms you can make some great friends that will last a lifetime and say hello and chat to each and every week. 

If you’re a new player, it’s just worth reading up about the rules, bingo etiquette and when to stay quiet during the game, as you may end up with a few funny looks and shushes should you be disrupting the game. 

Nobody turns up anymore

Bingo halls of course have their quiet times, in the same way cinemas do or restaurants, but evenings can also be bustling with players, especially at a weekend. Just like here at Moon Bingo, there will be off peak times, but that can also be the perfect time to play, as the fewer players in the game, the fewer bingo cards, and the higher the chance of your bingo card winning. So a quiet bingo hall isn’t all that bad. 

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