The Top Myths Associated With Online Bingo













When it comes to online gaming, there are all manner of myths and misconceptions that fly around. And in truth, the vast majority of them are completely unfounded. It can often be enough to put people off a bingo site, but all that ultimately does is ensure people miss out on what is one of the most thriving and friendly communities online.


Online bingo at sites regulated by the UK Gambling Commission couldn’t be safer and have all manner of processes and security measures in place to ensure players get the best possible playing experience. Despite that, many myths are continually floating around, and we’re here to bust them…

Bingo is for old people

Bingo is a game loved by the older generation, there is no denying that. But it’s also loved by people of all age groups, with more and more younger players enjoying the likes of slingo bingo, 75-ball, and getting involved with our chat games.


There are many lazy stereotypes within bingo, from it being for the elderley to only being a game for women. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Our community and at many other online bingo sites, is a diverse and friendly one that welcomes all with open arms.


According to studies, the average age of online bingo players today is around 35, and new variants like slingo are attracting more and more young adults by the day.

It’s rigged

People are very suspicious of technology. And whether it be online slots, bingo, or other casino games, there’s always the same complaint by the sceptics. However, online bingo is completely fair and the UK Gambling Commission regulates each game, and the random number generators used by bingo games.


A random number generator, or RNG, is the software used to power bingo games and ensures that the numbers are drawn fairly, unpredictably, and in a way that gives every number the same chance to be drawn as the next.

It’s not like the real thing

Bingo is one of the more social games, loved by people in the UK, with trips to the local bingo hall the perfect way to catch up with friends. Many criticise online as not having that element of interaction. In actual fact, online bingo communities are among the friendliest and most social of any online community, and in many cases more so than real-life bingo halls.


While in a bingo hall you’ll be required to stay almost silent during game play, the in-built chat functions in online bingo allow players to communicate and enjoy each other’s virtual company right through the games, with chat games also adding bonus games and additional ways to win and communicate with other players.

Online bingo is more expensive

It’s perhaps the most absurd myth of all. Online bingo offers something to suit all budgets, with plenty of games for high rollers, but at the same time penny bingo offers games for just 1p per card. 


Add into the equation of transport, food and drink, and anything else at brick-and-mortar bingo and enjoying 1p bingo directly from your sofa comes out of the equation very well indeed.


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