The Top Five Bingo Hotspots in the UK

Bingo Calls

It’s the summertime and the weather is fine. Well, sometimes it is. But what better thing to do during those damp, indoor summer days and evenings that head out for a bit of bingo. Bingo Hotspots

Bingo is well and truly alive in the UK and across the country you’ll find tons of great evenings with some huge prizes too. What’s more, there are often communities that are just as friendly as what you’ll find in our bingo games, as well as many of the same bingo variants like 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo.

So if you’re looking to head out with friends, or you’re enjoying your summer holidays but fancy a game of bingo, where exactly are the bingo hotspots of the United Kingdom?


London is a city that is bingo mad. Get the tube in the morning and you’ll see people enjoying mobile bingo, while bingo halls and bingo nights are always packed to the rafters. The UK capital has dozens of great bingo halls across the city, including a number in incredible locations.

Of course, London is a city that has everything, so it’s no real surprise to see a bustling bingo scene. You’ll find tons of places to enjoy casino games and slots too, so if the latest West End shows don’t tickle your fancy, there’s plenty of gaming on offer.


Thousands of people flock to Blackpool every summer and while the Pleasure Beach, Tower, and donkey rides on the beach shouldn’t be missed out on, nor should bingo. Bingo is a staple of the Blackpool experience, and you’ll find halls of all shapes and sizes, from large halls offering mega jackpots, to small, pierside places to play that can welcome only a handful of people at a time.

You’ll find bingo games to enjoy all day and all evening. Just don’t spend all your winnings on candy floss and sticks of rock.


Another seaside location, but this time on the south coast is Brighton. Similarly to Blackpool, bingo is a big part of the entertainment on offer in the city. Known for its more edgy and hip vibe, you’ll also find some more unique bingo nights on offer, with wacky games and prizes on offer.

There are the more traditional outlets too though, so don’t worry if you’re after a live bingo game that you’re familiar with, there’s plenty of that too. 


Always a lively evening on the town, a night in Newcastle playing bingo will certainly be one to remember. The Geordie crowd are always up for a laugh and it’s one of the best atmospheres in the country for playing bingo.

Come rain, sleet, or shine, hundreds of players flock to bingo halls in the city each and every week, with a diverse range of players meaning you’ll always fit in.


Another city that likes to party is Cardiff, and none more so than when it comes to bingo. We have plenty of Welsh natives enjoying our chat games, and you’ll find many in the brick-and-mortar halls too.

Every night of the week the bingo halls are buzzing, so if you’re enjoying a weekend break in the Welsh capital, make sure you don’t miss out.

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