The Most Popular Chat Games and How To Play Them

Bingo Chat Games

We all love a game of bingo, but actually our offering here at Moon Bingo goes well beyond 90-ball, slingo bingo or 75-ball bingo. In fact, in all our multiplayer games we also have additional chat games to enjoy from our welcoming and loveable chat hosts.

Our chat rooms are always alive with people discussing their day, enjoying the main game of bingo, and indeed enjoying the chat games which can offer some great additional prizes. Our chat games really are varied and our chat hosts will always be on hand to add an extra fun factor whether it be classics like hangman, or ways for winners to get that little bit more. 

Many of our players here at Moon Bingo love our bingo games and below you’ll find a selection of the most popular and exactly how you play them…


Hangman is of course a classic and it’s unlikely you’ll need to know how to play this one. The chat host is in control of the word to be guessed and first pick of a letter is the player who won the last full house within the bingo game. 

Players then continue to select letters until someone guesses the correct answer for the word. The winner will then receive points. And we know what points make…


Twins is always a fun game to play in the chat rooms and can add an extra dimension to your bingo playing too as they directly correlate. Players in the chat are required to choose two double numbers, for example 11, 22, 33, 44, etc. and the first player to have both numbers drawn will win the points.

It’s Odd

A simple but effective game that’s become a real part and parcel of bingo gaming is It’s Odd. This game is played at the very end of a bingo game, and if the winner earns the full house from an odd number, the first player to type “It’s odd” into the chat box within 10 seconds of the number being drawn gets the points.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror is a game that is relatively similar to Twins in that players are required to select two ‘mirror’ numbers, i.e. 54, 45 or 31 and 13, and if both numbers are called, the player must type into the chat box “Mirror Mirror” in order to pick up points. 

Take Or Share

There are bonus points up for grabs for the winner of the regular bingo game in this bonus chat game, but there’s a bit of jeopardy too. Take or Share is all about the extra points on offer, and the winner of the game has the option to take all 1,000 for themselves or share with one other player. 

If they choose to share, the player they’ve shared with must then thank the winner. As after all, receiving 500 points is very much an act of kindness and one that shouldn’t go unrecognised.

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